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lateral faces

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The shape of the lateral faces of a pyramind

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Q: In a prism what shape are the faces that are not the base?
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What the shape of base for a triangular prism?

A triangular prism can have a square or triangular base, but faces are normally triangles. (I think)

3d with 8 faces?

A 3-D shape that has 8 faces is a hexagonal prism. This is a shape that is formed on a hexagon-shaped base.

What shape has a triangle as a base and it has 3 rectangular faces?

most likely a triangular prism

What dose prism mean in math terms?

A prism has 2 congruent parallel faces called bases. The other faces, most often rectangles, are called lateral faces. The prism is named by the shape of its base.

What is the name of a 3 dimensional shape that has a base of a rectangle and 2 faces are triangles?

It is a triangular prism

What shape has 2 base 8 faces 24 edges and 16 vertices?

An octagon based prism.

The faces of a prism are called?

A Base!

What is the shape of the faces on a pentagonal prism?


What shape has triangular faces?

Iscosilestriangular prism

Shape of faces on a rectangular prism?

it has 6

How many faces does a pentagonal prism have?

It has seven faces: five sides and two ends (base and top).A prism is the body formed by the translation (movement along a line - in this case a straight line) of a shape. There will be with two bases and as many faces as the base has sides.Therefore, a Pentagonal Prism has 7 faces; it has 5 side faces and it has 1 'base' on the top and one 'base' on the bottom. 5+1+1=7

What shape has 3D shape and have five faces?

The 3d shape that have five faces would be a triangular prism **************** or a pyramid

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