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A cube is specifically a three-dimensional object in geometry and therefore cannot be two-dimensional.

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Q: How many faces does a two dimensional cube have?
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How many faces and corners does a square have?

A square is only two dimensional and has one face and 4 corners. Its 3 dimensional counterpart, the cube, has 6 faces and 8 corners or vertices.

Is a cube two dimensional?

No. A cube is three dimensional.

Do two dimensional shapes have faces?

No, two dimensional shapes do not have faces

Is a polyhedron a two-dimensional polygon?

No it is 3 dimensional because it has many faces

Is a cube a polygon and how?

No A polygon is two-dimensional A cube is three-dimensional

How many faces are in a square?

There are two faces on a square (front and back.) There are six faces on a cube.

What shape has four fewer faces than a cube?

A cube has 6 faces. That leaves us with two faces. Any 2-dimensional shape will have 2 faces, one on the visible side and the other on the reverse side. I don't think I've convinced myself.

How many yards in a cube?

Note that a "yard" is a one-dimensional unit and a "cube" is three-dimensional. The two units cannot be converted back and forth.

How many faces a rectangle has?

A rectangle is a two-dimensional shape, so it doesn't have faces in the way that three dimensional shapes have. A rectangle has four edges and four corners.

How many faces are there on a square?

One. A square is a two dimensional image.

Is a cube one dimensional?

No, a cube is three dimensional. (A "line" is one-dimensional; one dimension, it's just a length), a square is the two-dimensional (width and height) "version" of a cube).

How many faces does a Icosagon have?

An icosagon is a two-dimensional polygon, not a three-dimensional figure. An icosagon has 20 sides - while an icosahedron has 20 faces.

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