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There cannot be a 3-d shape all of whose faces are regular hexagons.


that claim above is not true, because for example a classic soccerball consists of hexagons.

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Q: How many faces would a 3D shape have whose faces were hexagons?
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What is a polyhedron that is a prism with two bases that are hexagons and the other faces are rectangles?

It's called, not altogether surprisingly, a hexagonal prism. If the bases were hexagons and the other faces were triangles, it would be a hexagonal antiprism.

What figure has parallel faces?

If by faces you mean sides, then lots. Parallelograms and squares come to mind but I'm sure there are more (hexagons for would be another).

What shape has 3D shape and have five faces?

The 3d shape that have five faces would be a triangular prism **************** or a pyramid

How many hexagons make a hexahedron?

A hexahedron is a three-dimensional figure with six identical faces - in other words, a cube. So a hexahedron is not made up of hexagons at all, but of squares. However, if you were to balance a cube on one of the vertices, the horizontal plane cutting the cube in half would make a cut in the shape of a regular hexagon. Four such regular hexagons can be found in the cube.

Are the other rectangular prisms whose faces are all the same shape and size?

I would mostly say yes if it was a cube but I don't know

What is a 3D shape whose base can be any polygon and whose faces leading up to the vertex are triangles?

If by "vertex," you mean "apex," than any pyramid would fit the description.

What shape do bees like?

Honeycombs are made up of hexagons, so I would say a hexagon.

What solid shape has 4 less faces than a cube?

Since a cube has 6 faces, you would be looking for a solid shape with only 2 faces and no such solid exists.

What is the shape of the other faces on a 3d pentagon?

the other faces on a pentagonal prism would be rectangular

This shape has 8 faces?

Its a Octagon * * * * * No. An octagon is a shape with 8 sides. 8 faces implies a 3-dimensional object, which would have to be an octahedron.

How many faces would a shape with 5 vertices and 9 edges have?

Assuming the shape is a simply connected polyhedron, there are 6 faces. A triangular dipyramid, for example.

What shape has 2 faces 0 edges and 0 vertex?

The shape you're looking for that has 2 faces, 0 edges, and 0 vertices would be a cylinder.

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