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152 inches is "12 feet and 8 inches".

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Q: How many feet and inches would it take to get 152 inches?
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How many inches equals 4 feet?

48 Inches equals 4 feet. The way you figure this out is you take the number of inches in a foot (12) and multiply it by how many feet you would like to get the inches from. 12*4= 48

How many inches does it take to equal 5 feet?

It is: 60 inches = 5 feet

How many feet are there in 704 inches?

There are 58.66666 feet. Take the number of inches and divide by 12.

How many feet does it take to get thirty inches?

1 foot = 12 inches so, 30 inches / 12 inches = 2.5 feet.

How many inches in 208.7 feet?

2504.4 inches. Simply take 208.7x12

If a snail moves 8 inches a minute how many minutes would it take to move 12 feet?

It would take 18 minutes for the snail to move 12 feet.

How many inches does it take to equal 329 feet?

1 foot = 12 inches answer = 329 feet = 329 x 12 inches

50 inches equal how many high feet?

In order to solve how many feet are in 50 inches, you need to know how many inches are in each foot. There are 12 inches in a foot. You take 50 and divide that by 12. That is how you get how many feet in 50 inches. The answer is 4.17 feet. 50/12= 4.16666666667 (rounded to 4.17 feet)

How many 12 x 12 square feet tiles will it take to cover 144 square feet?

If your tiles are 12 inches x 12 inches you would need 144 of them.

How many walked steps does it take to get to 60 feet?

depending on the riser height of the steps. If the risers are 7 inches, it would take about 102 steps to reach 60 feet. 108 steps would get you to 63 feet exactly.

How many feet are in 84 inches?

7 feet. One foot is 12 inches long. To find the answer, take the number of inches and divide by 12.

How many inches would it take to go from nineteen feet and three eight inches to seven yards?

252 - 228 and 3/8 = 23 and 5/8 inches

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