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Feet is a length or distance measure and square foot belongs to an area. You cannot answer this question.

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Q: How many feet are in one square foot?
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How many feet is one square foot?

One square foot is simply a square with sides 1 foot long

How many square feet are in 1 square foot?

One of them.

How many 12x12 tile fit in 1237 square feet space?

Since 12" by 12" is one foot by one foot or one square foot, 1237 of these tiles will feet in 1237 square feet.

How many square foot is one cubic foot?

There is no conversion. Cubic feet is for volume while square feet is for area.

How many square foot in one aquare feet?

A square foot is the singular form of square feet. The two represent the same measurement.

How many square foot are in one acre?

43560 square feet in one acre.

How many square feet are in a square that is 12 inches on a side?

one square foot

144 square inches equals how many square feet?

One square foot.

How many feet square are in a decimeter?

There are .108 square feet in one decimeter. One square foot is equal to 9.29 decimeters.

How many inch is equal to one square feet?

144 square inches is one square foot

How Many Square Feet Are One Foot?

A square foot is measured 12''x12'' x12''x12'', or a 12'' square.

How many feet are in a square feet?

a square foot has 4 feet in it. one foot per side---- To lessen confusion...Actually, the perimeter of a square foot is 4 feet. One square foot is one foot wide by one foot tall (1 ft x 1 ft = 1 sq ft).Actually you can't measure how many feet are in a square foot since one is distance and the other area.for example, a rectangle that is 0.25ft by 4 ft would have a area of one square foot and a perimeter of 8.5 feet. there are an infinite combination of perimeters that would make up a square foot. There is only one (as mentioned above, 1ft x 1ft) that is an actual square.

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