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3.281 feet per second (about 2.24 miles per hour).

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Q: How many feet can you walk in 1 meter per second?
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How many feet are considered out of the lane according to the 3-second rule in basketball?

You have to have both of your feet out of the lane. For instance, if you have both your feet in for 2 1/2 seconds and walk out and then walk back in, you won't get a three second call.

If you walked one meter how many inches did you walk?

one meter = 39.3700787 inches

If you walk 27 yards how many feet did you walk?


How many feet do people walk in a minute?

Humans walk approximately 272.8 feet/minute.

How meter many meters can you walk in 3 minutes?


How many feet would be in a 7 minute walk?

Depends how fast you walk. Roughly 1760 feet.

Could you walk the distance of 1 meter?

Yeah, that's like...two steps. A meter is 100 cm, or a little longer than three feet.

How many feet did the allosaurus walk on?

Allosaurus walked on two feet.

How long walk 100 yards at 5 feet per second?

100 yards is 300 feet 5 feet per second at 300 feet it would take 60 seconds or 1 minute

How many feet is there if you walk 7 miles?

There are 36,960 feet in seven miles.

How many feet before are you supposed to stop at a cross walk?

5 feet

How many feet can you walk in 0.33 miles?


When 1.76 Kilometers are walked how many feet did you walk?

1.76 kilometers = 5,774.28 feet

If you walked 6 yards how many feet did you walk?

18 feet. :D

How many yards will i walk if i walk 2112 ft?

There are three feet in a yard. 2112 feet divided by 3 feet per yard equals 704 yards.

How many times do you walk 32 feet to equal 100 meters?

Since 100 meters is about 328 feet, you will need to walk 32 feet about 10.25 times.

How many feet in a one k walk?

One kilometre = 3280.84 feet (approx). And it is the same whether it is a walk, a drive a swim or whatever.

Do starfish walk?

Starfish do walk in their own unique way. The underside of the starfish has tube feet. It has many of these tube feet and that is how it moves around.

Do chimpanzees walk on there feet?

Sometimes they do walk on their feet but sometimes they walk on all fours.

How many people bother to walk now?

The people with feet

What is the treatment for second degree burn on the bottom of feet?

DO NOT WALK! keep off your feet and cool the burn in cold water. See a doctor.

Average human walking pace in feet per second?

The average walking pace in feet per second for humans is about 4 feet. Some may walk faster or slower, and may have a longer or shorter stride.

How long will it take to walk 900 meters roughly?

Walking at a meter per second would take 900 seconds (15 minutes); at a faster walk, 1.5 meters per second, about 600 seconds ( 10 minutes).

Do monkeys walk?

Yes, monkeys can walk with two feet but normally they walk with four feet.

Why do your feet have ridges?

Your feet have ridges for one good reason: traction. Let's think in the reverse for a second; if your feet didn't have any ridges, then you would have virtually no traction when you walk bare-footed, and you wouldn't be able to keep your feet in your socks, either. So, your feet have traction so you can walk without slipping and falling.If your feet are flat you can't walk right. You can't walk heel to toe. It just doens't work.