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It would be 2,178 feet deep x 200 feet wide.

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Q: How many feet deep is a ten acre parcel if it is 200 feet wide?
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How many feet deep is a 10 acre parcel if it is 165 feet wide?

10 acre = 435600 sq ft So, if it is 165 ft wide, it must be 435600/165 = 2640 ft deep.

How many feet deep is a 40 acre parcel if it is 390 feet wide?

4,467.69 feet 43,560 sq. ft. per acre X 40 = 1,742,400 1,742,400 divided by 390 = 4,467.69

How many feet deep is a twenty five acre parcel if it is 500 feet wide?

One acre = 43560 sq ft.... 25 acres = 1,089,000 sq ft / 500 feet = 2,178 ft.

How many acres is a parcel of land that is 210 feet deep and 200 feet wide?

43560 sq ft = 1 acre 210 ft x 200 ft = 42000 sq ft = 42000 ÷ 43560 acre = 350/363 acre ≈ 0.964 acre

How many feet deep is a 20 acre parcel if it is 14000 feet deep?

Assuming you were asking how wide....62.23 ft. An acre is 43560 sq ft * 20 = 871200 sq ft / 14000 ft on one side = 62.22857143 ft on the sides if it's a rectangle.

A square 40 acre parcel is how many feet each side?

1,320 feet per side.

How many square feet in a 27 acre lot?

A 27 acre parcel contains 1,176,120 square feet.

How many feet of fence to surround a square 10 acre parcel?

You would need 2,640 feet of fence.

How many cubic feet in 1 acre of land 1 acre deep?

An acre is a measure of area, not volume, thus it is not correct to say "1 acre deep". It makes no sense.An acre is 43559.66 square feet. So, the number of cubic feet in 1 acre of land that is 1 foot deep would be 43559.66 cubic feet.

How many acres in a piece of land that is 2610 feet long and 300 feet wide?

There are 43,560 square feet in an acre, and if a parcel of land is 2610 feet by 300 feet, it has 783,000 square feet in it. Dividing 783,000 feet2 by 43,560 feet per acre, we get about 17.9752 acres of land in the parcel.

How many linear feet are in an 11 acre parcel?

A foot is a unit of length. An acre is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many acres is 165 feet wide and 264 feet deep?

Exactly one acre. (1 acre = 43,560 square feet)

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