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60 miles per hour is 88 feet per second, so at 60 miles per hour you would travel 176 feet in two seconds.

One mile is 5280 feet. One second is one 3600th of an hour. Therefore, one mile per hour is 5280 divided by 3600, or 1.4667 feet per second. Multiply that by 60 and then by 2, and you get 176 feet per two seconds at 60 miles per hour.

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Q: How many feet would you travel in 2 seconds going 60 miles an hour?
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How far would you travel going 3 miles for 2 seconds?

If you you travel 3 miles, you would get 3 miles far.

How long would it take you to travel 134 miles going 257 miles per an hour?

134/257 x 3600 seconds = 1877 seconds = 31minutes 17 seconds

How long would it take to travel 103 miles going 75mph?

That is a simple ratio problem. To travel 103 miles going 75 mph, it would be 103 miles/75 miles/hour, which is 1.37333... * 60 minutes which is 82.4 minutes or 82 minutes and 24 seconds precisely.

How many feet would you travel in 5 seconds going 45 miles per hour?

About the length of a football field.

How long would it take to travel 32 miles going 65 mph?

It will take approx 29 minutes and 32 seconds.

How many seconds does it take to enter a 1500 feet long tunnel if going 58 miles per hour?

At 58 miles per hour it would take 17.63 seconds to travel 1,500 feet.

A jogger travels at a speed of 5 mile and seconds for one miute How fast would he or she travel in5 miles and seconds?

A jogger travels at a speed of 5 miles and seconds for a minute. How far would he or she travel in that time

If you travel 2211 miles in 1 hour how many seconds would it take?

3600 seconds.

If a spaceship could travel 100000 miles a second how long would it take to travel 1 million miles?

Ten seconds.

How far would an S wave travel in 45 seconds?

in about three miles

How long does it take to travel 7500000000 going 60 miles per hour?

that would be 110 years and 6 days and 46 minutes and 52 seconds...

How long would it take in seconds to travel 17 miles at 37 mph?

27 minutes 34 seconds.