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3 fifths

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Q: How many fifths is equal to six tens?
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What fraction is equivalent to six fifths?

Six fifths is a fraction and is equal to six fifths. Also, (6k/5k) is equal to six fifths for any k not equal to 0.

How many fifths does six equal?

30 / 5 = 6 Answer: thirty fifths

How many is two fifths plus two tens?

six tenths but if you simplify it to the simplest form it's three fifths

How many tenths equal to tree-fifths?

6/10 - six tenths

How many thousands does 600 tens equal?


What is equal to six hundred tens?

six hundred tens = 60,000 or sixty thousand.

What is six tens in equivalent fractions?

Six tens equal 0.6 or 60

Is two fifths equal to six fifteenths?

No it is not.

What is six wholes and three fifths plus six wholes and three fifths equal?

13 and 1 fifth

Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

What does - three fifths equal?

six tenths

What is greater two fifths or six fifteenths?

they are equal.

How many tenths in three fifths?

3/5 is equal to 6/10 or six tenths.

What does six and two fifths subtracted from six point four equal?


How many tens are in six thousands?

60 tens

What is a fraction equal to three fifths that has the denominator of 10?

Six tenths

What fraction is equal to six fifths?

6/5 = 12/10.

What is six twenty-fifths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 6/25 is equal to 0.24.six twenty fifths as a decimal = 0.24

How many fifths are there in six miles?

There are 30 fifths in 6 miles !

What is four fifths plus six tenths equal to?

1 2/5

How many thirds are there in six fifths?


What is six fifths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 6/5 is equal to 1.2.

What is one half plus one tenth equal?

six tenths or three fifths

How many tens make 20 plus 60?

Two tens plus six tens equals eight tens

How many fifths in one and six tenths?