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three fifths is less than six sevenths

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Q: Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?
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Is three sevenths and two fifths equal?

no...three sevenths is equal to 15/35 and two fifths is equal to 14/35.

Which is greater four fifths or 60 percent?

60% is equal to three fifths, so four fifths is greater

Which is bigger the fraction four sevenths or three fifths?

3/5 is greater.

Is three fifths greater than or equal to four?


Is five sevenths greater than three fifths?

5/7 = 25/35 3/5 = 21/35 5/7 is greater.

Is three fifths bigger than five sevenths?


What is three fifths of four sevenths?


What is two-fifths of Three-sevenths?

The correct answer for two-fifths of Three-sevenths is 29 over 35. For a full explanation visit

What is four sevenths divided by three fifths?

it is 20 21s

Is three sevenths larger than six thirty fifths?

No. No. No. No.

What is three fifths times six sevenths?


Are four sevenths and three fifths equivalent to each other?

4/7 = 0.57 3/5 = 0.6 no they are not equal... but close

Is one third greater or less than three fifths?

three fifths is bigger.

What is three-fifths minus two-sevenths?

21/35 - 10/35 = 11/35

What is three and two fifths divided by four sevenths?


Is three fifths less than four sevenths?

Convert them to a common denominator, which in this case is 35 (5 x 7...the two denominators multiplied), so 3/5 becomes 21/35 and 4/7 becomes 20/35, therefore three fifths is greater than four sevenths.

Is four fifths greater than three fifths?

Yes - expressed as a decimal, 4/5 is equal to 0.8, while 3/5 is equal to 0.6.

What is 9 and 3 sevenths minus 3 and 4 fifths?

Nine and three sevenths can be converted into 66 sevenths. Three and four fifths can be converted into 19 fifths. Then I'll convert both fractions into 35ths, so we have 330 35ths minus 133 35ths, so, we get 197 35ths, which simplified to five and 22 35ths.

What is three sevenths equal to?

the answer is 21.

What are all the fractions that greater than three fourths?

Fractions greater than three fourths include four fifths, five sixths, six sevenths, seven eights, eight ninths, and infinitely many more others.

wich is greater three fifths or four tenths?

The answer is actually 3 fifths. This is because if you double the bottom to equal 10 you have to double the top leaving it 6 tenths which is grater than four tenths.

Which is greater three fifths or six tenths?

They are equal. 3/5 X 2 = 6/10

Is three fifths and five twelfth equal?

No because 3/5 is greater than 5/12

Is three fourths greater than six sevenths?


What is is four fifths divided by three sevenths?

28/15 or 1 and 13/15