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I think it is 40

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Q: How many fives are equal in value to 33 plus 7?
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How can you combine four fives so that the value they represent is 56?

55 plus 5/5

How do you get three fives to equal six using only addition subtraction multiplication and division?

5 divided by 5, plus 5

What is three-fives plus one-third?

fourteen fifteenths

Which of the following is equal to the value of 25 plus 25 plus 35 plus 35 plus 35?


Is -7 equal to plus 7 in integers?

no if its absolute value of -7 and +7 then its equal

What does 1.5 multiplied by 180 plus -30a plus 30 equal?

That depends what the value of a is.

What does 34a plus 10b equal?

That depends what the value of a and b are.

What does 5n plus 7 equal?

That depends what the value of n is.

What does 3d plus 8 equal?

That depends on the value of d.

What does x plus one equal?

depend on x value

Find the value of a if tan 3a is equal to sin cos 45 plus sin 30?

If tan 3a is equal to sin cos 45 plus sin 30, then the value of a = 0.4.

Is the better Air Jordan 5 or air Jordan 60 plus?

the fives

What is minutes and a plus equal?

The answer depends on how many minutes, and plus what!

What does x plus 12 equals 23 the value of x equal?


What does 2x plus 7 over 5 equal?

The answer depends on the value of x.

What does y equal in y plus 3746?

It is a variable which can take any value.

According to the Boolean algebra 1 plus A plus B plus C is equal to?

1. With boolean algebra, 1 + n is always equal to 1, no matter what the value of n is.

When the bonds are sold for more than their face value what is the carrying value of the bonds is equal to?

the face value plus the unamortized premium.

Is 2x plus 5 equal to 4x plus 10?

It can be (for x = -2.5) but not for any other value of x.

What is the value of 12 Times 5 plus 25?

12 times 5 plus 25 is equal to 85.

What is 1 and 3 tenths plus 2 and2 fives?

3 and 7/10

What does a2 plus ab equals h2 mean?

It is an expression and a term that are of equal value

What does -5x plus 3y equals 15 what does y equal?

That depends on what the value of x is.

How relational operators represented in c plus plus?

The relational operators are == (equal), != (not equal), < (less than), <= (less than or equal to), > (greater than) and >= (greater than or equal to). All relational operators are boolean, returning true or false depending on the l-value relationship with the r-value, with respect to the operator.

What does A plus B plus C equal?

That depends on the value of the variables (A, B, and C). It can be anything.