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Q: How many foci does a hyperbola have?
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How many foci does the graph of a hyperbola have?

Two foci's are found on a hyperbola graph.

How many foci does half of a hyperbola have?


How many foci does a graph of a hyperbola have?


How many foci does a graph and hyperbola have?

geometry sorry

Find an equation for the hyperbola with foci and asymptotes?

find the constant difference for a hyperbola with foci f1 (5,0) and f2(5,0) and the point on the hyperbola (1,0).

What is principal axis in hyperbola?

The principal axis of a hyperbola is the straight line joining its two foci.

What shape has two foci's?

An ellipse, a hyperbola.

What happens when you decrease the distance between two foci?

The answer depends on whether they are the foci of an ellipse or a hyperbola.

What is foci of hyperbola?

A half of a hyperbola is defined as the locus of points such that the distance of the point from one fixed point (a focus) and its distance from a fixed line (the directrix) is a constant that is greater than 1 (the eccentricity). By symmetry, a hyperbola has two foci and two directrices.

What is the focus of a hyperbola?

The foci (plural of focus, pronounced foh-sigh) are the two points that define a hyperbola: the figure is defined as the set of all points that is a fixed difference of distances from the two points, or foci.

Which two fixed points define the shape of a hyperbola?

the foci (2 focal points) and the distance between the vertices.

Does a conic section have vertices?

No, a conic section does not have vertices. If it is a circle, it has a center; if it is a parabola or hyperbola, it has a focus; and if it is an ellipse, it has foci.