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Each tenth is 40% (four tenths) of one fourth.

Each fourth is 2.5 tenths.

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Q: How many fourths are in tenths?
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What is one tenths plus three fourths?


Is three-fourths of a mile greater than seveen-tenths?

Yes. Three fourths is about 7.13 percent greater than seven tenths.

What is three fourths minus five tenths?

Three fourths minus five tenths is one fourth.

What is three fourths divided by ten fourths?

0.3 or three tenths

How many twenty fourths equal to nine tenths?

21.6 of them.

How many tenths are there in six fourths?

6/4 = 15/10. THat is, there are 15 of them.

Is three fourths greater than four tenths?

three fourths is greater Yes, it is. 3/4 > 4/10 Three fourths is 87.5 percent greater than four tenths.

Is three fourths equal to 8 tenths?


What is three fourths of two fifths?

three tenths.

Which is larger 5 tenths or two fourths?

They are equivalent.

What is three tenths plus one fourths?


What is three fourths divided by two and one tenths?

{| |- | 0.357143 |}

What is the common denominator of one fourths and seven tenths?


What is nine tenths divided by three fourths?


What is 3 fourths plus 1 tenths?


What is two fourths divided by six tenths?


Is five tenths larger than two fourths?

no is equal

What is the decimal number of two fourths plus two tenths?


What is the answer to two tenths plus two fourths?

0.70 or 7/10

Is three fourths greater than seventy-five tenths?


Was which fraction greater than two fifths three tenths seven tenths two fourths or three sixths?


Which fraction is between three fifths and three fourths?

There are infinitely many fractions between the two. Seven tenths is one example.

Is 2 fourths larger than 5 tenths?

They are equal. Neither is larger. :)

Which one is greater 5 tenths or 2 fourths?

Those numbers are equal.

What is one and three tenths plus three fourths?

1.3 + 0.75 = 2.05