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The are 4 because 4 times 1/4 = 1 and 2 times 1/2 =1

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Q: How many fourths in 2 halves?
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How many halves are in six fourths?

There are three halves in six fourths because 6/4 reduces to 3/2.

What is five halves divided by five fourths?

Five halves divided by five fourths = 2

How many fourths are in two halves?

Two halves is the same as a whole, in other words two halves equals one. In symbols, 2/2=1. So the question is how many fourths equal 1? The answer is 4/4 =1.

How many halves are there in six fourths?

How many halves are there in six-sevenths

How many fourths in three halves?


How many halves are the same as four fourths?

Two of them because 2/2 = 4/4

What makes a whole 3 fourths 2 halves 1 half or 2 third?

2 halves

How many three fourths are in five halves?

five halves = 5/2 = 10/4 3/4 into 10/4 = 3 with 1/4 remaining as 10 = (3x3) + 1

How many halves in 5 halves?

How many halves are in r5 halve s

How many fourths are there in 2?

Two contains eight fourths.

How many halves are there in 2 1-2?

five halves = two and a half = 5/2 = 2 1-2 = 2 1/2

How many quarters in a soccer game?

there are halves, not quarters. There are 2 halves.

How many halves are there in 1 inch?

There are only 2 halves of anything

How many halves are in 3 and five tenths?

7 halves

How many fourths of a cup are in a half cup?

2 fourths are in a half

How many one-eighths would equal the sum of 48 one-halves and 36 one-fourths?


How many three-fourths are in five halves?

3 and 1/3 of them.

What is three fourths divided by two?

(3/4)/2 would be the same as (3/4)*2, and that would equal 6/4 and could be simplified to be 3/2. Three fourths divided by two equals three halves.

Is the fraction two halves greater than the fraction two and three fourths?


How many fourths are in 2 and a half?

There are 10 fourths. 2 1/2 = 5/2 = 10/4

How many halves are in 4?

There are only 2 halves to any number. If you mean how many halves are in 4 wholes: Since there are 2 halves to a whole, you multiply 2 x 4, which gives you a total of 8 halves in 4 wholes.

How many halves are in an inch?


How many halves are in 1?


How many halves are in an hour?


How many halves are in a whole?