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You could have looked this up as easily as posting it. Cubic feet = L x W x H = 4800 cubic feet of water. One cubic foot = 7.48052 gallons. Therefore 4800 x 7.48052 = 35906.496 gallons

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Q: How many gallon of water is in a 20 foot by 40 foot by 6 foot deep swimming pool?
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Why do swimming pools have to have signs with the depth of the water?

They are to inform the swimmer how deep the water is. It is always good to know the depth for safety reasons. It is not a good idea to dive into a 3 foot deep pool.

How many gallons of water are in a 10 foot round swimming pool?

There is NO way to calculate this without knowing how deep the pool is filled!

How many gallons of water will fill a 12 foot by 18 foot long by 4 foot deep pool?

WolframAlpha, a new search engine gives a UK gallon of water at 0.1337 cu.ft so your pool should take 6,462 gallon to fill, give or take a cupful. Check it out!

When you go in swimming should you worry about sharks if not why not?

It matters how deep you go in the water as in the sea water I only go up to my waist and i'm 5 foot 7

How many gallons water in 8 foot round by 18 inch deep swimming pool?

It is 30.6 cubic feet = 190.3 Imperial gallons.

How many gallons of water is in a pond which is 75ft x 30ft x 5 ft deep?

75 x 30 x 5 = 11,250 cubic foot 1 cubic foot = 7.48 Gallon (US) 1 cubic foot = 6.23 Gallon (Imperial) 11,250 x 7.48 = 84,150 Gallon (US) 11,250 x 6.23 = 70,087.5 Gallon (Imperial)

How many gallons of water is in a 24 foot round above ground swimming pool that is 4 foot deep?

There are 13,536 gallons in a 24 foot diameter pool that has 4 feet of water. Not true for a pool that is 4 feet in height. This would hold less than 4 feet of water.

What is the Gallons in 4 foot by 21 foot round swimming pool?

21 foot what? Radius, diameter or circimference? Presumably 4 feet deep?

How many gallons of water will a swimming pool 10 foot by 3 foot hold?

You don't say how deep the pool is and whether you're using US or UK gallons. However... One cubic foot contains approximately 7.5 US gallons, or 6.25 UK gallons, so if you multiply 10 x 3 x (pool depth) by either of the above you will get the approximate gallon count.

How many Gallons of water in a 24 foot by 5 foot deep round pool?

pie times 12 squared time 5 divided by 0.133680556 cubic feet per gallon Answer is 53,283 Gallons

How many square feet of volume does one gallon of water equal?

question is meaningless. gallon is a unit of volume, sq ft is a unit of area. the above is a horrible answer. simply put your question was miss worded. i believe you meant cubic foot (not square foot). the answer is 7.481 gallons in a cubic foot

How much does 1 cubic foot of water takes to make a gallon?

a gallon or so