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How many people do you need to serve?

There are 16 cups per gallon. Or, if everyone needs 1.5 cups, there are a little over 10 "servings" per gallon.

So 1 gallon should serve 10 people, 2 gallons serves 20, and so on.

Remember some people will want refills :-)

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Q: How many gallons of juice do you need for everyone to get 1 and a half cups each?
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Mary bought five gallons of apple juice for her party She expects 20 guests How many cups of apple juice will each guest get?

80 cups is the correct answer. The guests will get 4 cups each. Source :- Eng Net Tools conversion software

If you have 42 gallons of orange juice and 18 gallons of cranberry juice what is the largest amount of juice that each container can hold of each kind of juice?

30. 30.

42 gallons and 18 gallons have to be poured in an equal containers.what is the largest amount of juice that each container can hold of each kind of juice?


If there are32 student and 1 cup of juice how many gallon you need?

1). If there are 32 students and 1 cup of juice, you have enough juice to give each student 1/4 ounce.2). If you want to give each student 1 cup of juice, you'll need to start out with 32 cups = 2 gallons.

How many cups will 8 people get if there was 1 and one-half gallons of punch?

They will get 3 cups each.

How many gallons of iced tea for 150 people?

Approximately 20 gallons of iced tea, assuming that each person only take one 16 oz. glass of iced tea. 1 gallon = 8 (16oz) glass of iced tea. 10 gallons = 80 glass of iced tea 20 gallons = 160 glass of iced tea

How many 30 cl cups in a liter of juice?

1 litre = 100 cL so 3.33... cups of 30 cL each.

How many gallons of sherbet are made each year?

Sherbet is a frozen dessert that is made out of fruit juice and sugar. As of July 2013, the amount of gallons of sherbet that is made each year is not stated online.

How many cups give you 25 gallons?

A US gallon is 128 fluid ounces and 1 cup is 8 fluid ounces so there are 16 cups of 8 ounces each in 1 gallon. 25 gallons contain 400 cups (25 x 16).

Doris drinks 8 cups of orange juice each day How many pints in this?

In a average cup (250ml) 8 cups would be 3.5 Pints

How many gallons are in 500 pints?

8 pints = 1 gallon 500 pints = 500/8 = 62.5 gallons

How many gallons is 200 cups?

12 1/2. Here is the math: 2cups = 1 pint 2 pints = 1 quart(4 cups) 4 quarts = 1 gallon(16 cups) divide 200 by 16 and you get 12 gallons with 8 cups leftover. 8/16 = 1/2.