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Q: How many gallons of water does a 18 foot above ground pool with 48 inch walls filled to skimmer level hold?
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How does an above ground pool skimmer work with a diagram?

diagram for skimmer for above ground pool

How do you repair a skimmer that is leaking on the outside of the pool?

That depends on the type of skimmer in ground or above ground and from what material it is made, The water is leaking between gaskets

Can you fill an above ground pool less than full height?

It has to be filled above the skimmer ( flow to pump) or else the filter will not work. Also, if too low the liner may dry out above the water line and cause it to shrink.

How many gallons are in a 16x48 round above ground pool?

A round pool that is 16 feet across and is filled with 48 inches of water will contain about 6,041 gallons of water.

How low should you drain your above ground pool?

6 inches below skimmer.

How many gallons does my 13' round by 36 deep above ground pool hold?

2977 (us) gallons Filled to the brim probably closer to 2500 for normal fill level

How many gallons are in a 18x54 above ground round pool?

8,600 gallons.

Pictures of how to connect a filter to an above ground pool using skimmer?

Attempting to obtain step by step diagrams connecting an above ground pool to a sand filter.

How hard is it to replace a skimmer in an above ground pool?

If you can get the right skimmer you should not have too much of a problem However if you cant get a replacement you may be able to get out of it by getting a floating pool skimmer with inline leaf basket.

What direction should you point the jet in above ground pool with the skimmer on the side of the pool?

i think its up

How many gallons would a typical above ground spa have?

300 to 800 gallons

How many gallons of water are in an easy set above ground 15 foot diameter x 42 inch deep above ground pool?

4646.25 gallons

How do you replace an above ground pool skimmer gasket?

Drain the pool until the water level reaches two inches below the skimmer faceplate , remove the face plate using a screwdriver , remove the faceplate and skimmer , then replace the gasket and attach the skimmer and then the faceplate

How many inches below skimmer should water level be when winterizing above ground pool?

20 inches

How many gallons of water are in an easy set above ground 30 foot diameter x 42 inch deep above ground pool?

18,506 U.S. gallons

How many gallons of water are in an metal frame above ground 13 foot diameter x 42 inch deep above ground pool?

1,070 U.S. gallons

How many gallons of water in a backyard pool?

How large is the pool? In ground or above ground? Shape? Above ground is easier to calculate. I have an oval above ground pool which is 18 x 38. It holds approx. 15,000 gallons. To get an accurate answer, you need to be far more specific.

How can you reinforce a rusted skimmer hole in an above ground pool?

You can cut a new piece of metal to size, with the appropriately-sized hole for the skimmer, and replace the rusted metal with the new piece.

What will happen if an above ground pool overflows due to rain?

The water will spill out through the skimmer, unless the skimmer it is blocked. Otherwise, it will spill over the top. It should not hurt the pool.

How many gallons is 10x30 pool?

Above Ground? About 8,400 gal.

How many gallons of water in in a 30x48 above ground pool?


How many gallons does a 18x52 above ground pool hold?


How many gallons of water does a 25-meter above ground swimming pool hold?

32000 gallons

How many gallons in a 10' x 30 Round above ground swimming pool?

30 gallons

How much water should you drain from an above ground pool for winter?

Just enough so that the skimmer is above the water and the pipes to the filter and filter can be drained.