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How many gauge equal 0.45mm?

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Q: How many gauge equal 0.45mm?
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How many gauge equal to 1 Katha?

How many gauge in 1katha

How many gauge is equal to 1 mm?

1 mm = how many gauge

1000 gauge is equal to how many millimeter?

1000 gauge = 0.254 millimeter

1 mm is equal to how many gauge?

The nearest is 18 gauge, which is 1.02 mms

How many microns is equal to 1 gauge?


How many gauge is equal 0.5mm?

coating sheet

20 steel gauge is equal to how many mm?

.953 mm (USG)

What gauge is a 6mm piercing?

6mm is equal to a 2 gauge.

How much psig equal to 1 psi?

psi is equal to psig...if psi is in the pressure gauge or psig..on a gauge

How many mils is equal to 1 gauge?

To convert guage to mils, multiply by 0.01 (see related link). 1 gauge equals 0.01 mils

Is the 12 gauge stronger than a 24 gauge shotgun?

All else being equal, yes.

What does 30 gauge steel equal to in mm?


How do you read Micrometer Screw Gauge?

The distance between each line of the body is equal to 0.5 mm. Gauge the distance between each line is equal to 0.01 mm.

1 gauge is equal to how many mm?

12g= 0.1046" (Steel Gage) or 2.657mm 1g = 0.3532" (Birmingham Gage) or 8.971mm.

How is shotgun gauge measured?

A shotguns gauge is a measure related to the diameter of the smooth shotgun bore and the size of the shotshell designed for that bore. Gauge or diameter of the bore is determined by the diameter of 1 lead pellet times the number of pellets required to equal 1 pound. ex. 12 gauge is equal to the diameter of 1 of the 12 lead balls that equals 1 pound. ex. 20 gauge is equal to the diameter of 1 of 20 lead balls that equals 1 pound. ex. 3 gauge is equal to the diameter of 1 of the 3 lead balls that equals one pound. The larger number of gauge the smaller the bore.

Rain gauge 40 ml of rain equal inches of rain?


1 square gauge is equal to how much square feet?

mokkai 123

Where did the gauge measurement for shotguns come from?

A pound of lead was divided into equal parts and then formed into perfect balls and the diameter of the ball would be the gauge. I.E. One pound of lead divided into twelve (12) equal parts and one was rolled into a perfect ball; the size of the ball is twelve (12) gauge.

What does 30 gauge mean?

The gauge is equal to the number of solid lead spheres, each with the same diameter as the inside of the barrel, that would weigh one pound.

What gauge wire should be used to rewire auto?

There are many size gauge wires used in the making of an automobile, anywhere from 4 gauge to 22 gauge.

How many stars can a star gauge hold?

Star gauge hold 354

How many kilometer of broad gauge and meter gauge in India?


How does a pressure gauge work?

Reverse airflow feels a chamber inside the gauge and reads the pressure equal to the inside of the tyre its that simple. Same for air compressure, when the pressure is applied it seals the valve on the gauge end then back pressure fills the chamber inside the gauge when you release the gauge from the tyre valve the pressure has gone!!

What is a 20 gauge?

a 20 gauge is a type of many shotguns but it is smaller than a 12 gauge but bigger that a 410. a 20 gauge is a good shotgun for all ages.

How many gallons after reaching empty on the gaUGE?

That depends entirely on the vehicle and on how accurate the gauge is.