How many gavials are there?

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24 im 100% sure

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Q: How many gavials are there?
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Are Gavials reptiles or amphibians?

Gavials are reptiles

How many different gavials are there?

24 im 100% sure

What is are the Gavials predators?

big cats such as lions, tigers and leopards can be a threat to gavials. gavials have little strength in their gaws so they would not attack large animals.

Gavials and crocodiles are members of Order?

A+ Students - Crocodilia

What are the 4 crocodilians?

Crocodiles, gavials, alligators, and caimans. This list of crocodilians is from biggest to smallest.

Why is gavial endangered?

Gavials are endangered because of human encroachment on their habitats and because of the skin trade. Pollution in rivers is an important reason for gharials or gavials going endangered. They mainly eat fish. They are rarely known to attack humans.

The name of a group of reptiles including alligators caimans crocodiles and gavials?

whats up yo

What is the gavials favorite food?

They mainly eat fish as adults. The young too eat fish but also invertabraes

Are gavials endangered?

The Gavial is endangered because people kill it for its skin.The False Gavial is i think criticlly endangered if its not criticlly endangered then its endangered.

What is the meaning of the word gavilan?

hawk ------------------------------------------------------ That's not a word. If you meant gavials, then it's a type of crocodilian. It lives in India and Pakistan and it's an Endangered Species.

What class does the crocodile belong to?

Crocodiles are of the family Crocodylidae, order Crocodylia. The term crocodilian refers to all members of the order including alligators, caimans, and gavials as well as crocodiles.

Is a crocodile a plant eater or a meat eater?

It's hard to imagine, but modern crocodylians (alligators, crocodiles and gavials) are very different from their ancestors. Some are plant eaters & some are meat eater.

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