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It depends on the size of the chicken legs...

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Q: How many grams is 3 chicken legs?
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How many fat grams in 3 oz skinless chicken breast?

How many grams fat in 3 oz skinless chicken breast

How many grams of fat in 3 oz chicken breast?


How many grams of chicken bouillon cubes in a tablespoon?

There are 36 grams in one tablespoon of chicken bouillon cubes. One tablespoon is equal to 3 chicken bouillon cubes.

How many pieces of chicken equal 400 grams?

3 to 4

How much is 400g of chicken?

There would be about 3 and a half cups of chicken in 400 grams of shredded chicken. There is 125 grams in 1 cup.

How many calories are in 3 ounces of chicken?

Three ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast has 128 calories, 2.76 grams of fat and 24 grams of protein. Three ounces of chicken thigh has 162 calories, 10 grams of fat and 16.5 grams of protein.

How many pieces of chicken is 3 pounds?

A whole chicken is broken down to 2 legs,2 thighs,2 wings, and 2 breasts, and the weight can vary from chicken to chicken.

How much fat does a grilled chicken chicken have?

A skinless chicken breast has about 3 grams of fat. A skinless thigh, which is more dark meat, has about 6 grams.

How many grams are in 3 ounces of chicken?

There are about 85 grams in 3 ounces. There are about 28 grams in each ounce, so to determine how many grams are in three ounces you would multiply 28 by three. It doesn't matter what it's three ounces of (chicken, paper, lead, etc.) because three ounces will always be three ounces.

How many grams per serving is in chicken?

The "gram" is a unit of weight. Servings size can be in weight or in volume. A serving of chicken is usually about 3 to 5 ounces in volume. One ounce of weight is equal to 28+ grams. 5 ounces of chicken in weight is about 140+ grams.

2 monkey four pigs and 3 chickens have how many legs?

A monkey has 4 legs, a pig has 4 legs and a chicken has 2 legs. Therefore, 2 monkeys has 8 legs. 4 pigs has 16 legs. 3 chickens has 6 legs. Total no. of legs = 8+16+6 =30 legs

Which muscles contract when you straighten you leg?

chicken legs are good :3

How much protein is there in 3 ounces of chicken breast?

About 16 grams

800 grams of chicken is equal to how many lbs?

That would be approximately 1 3/4 pounds (1.75 pounds).

What does 100 grams of raw chicken equal in cooked ounces?

That is about 3 ounces

3 garlic cloves in grams?

How many grams is 3 cloves of garlick? How many grams is 3 cloves of garlick?

Is chicken chow mein fattening?

A one cup serving of LaChoy chicken chow mein has 100 calories and 3 grams of fat. One order (604 grams) of chicken chow mein from a restaurant has about 515 calories and 17 grams of fat.

How many pieces of chicken is a half of pound?

1/2 pound of chicken would contain 1-3 pieces, depending on the size and type of chicken. If it were a breast, it would probably be 1 piece. You would probably get 2-3 legs or thighs in 1/2 pound of chicken.

How much fat chicken hot dogs have?

Chicken dogs (Foster Farms) have 12 Grams of fat. Only 3 grams less than a normal Ball Park frank.

What is one hundred grams of chicken equal to?

0.1 kilogram of chicken a little more than 3 and 1/2 ounces

How many grams is 3 oz?

3 ounces = 85.05 grams.

How many ounces are in 3 grams?

There are .106 ounces in 3 grams.

How many grams is 3 kg?

3 kilograms is 3000 grams.

How many grams are there in 3 ounces?

3 ounces = 85.05 grams.

3 cups is how many grams?

709.8 grams are in 3 cups.