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You haven't given the volume of solution. M means moles per liter. First off you divide 5 by 1000 and multiply by the amount of mls you have to find out how many moles that you have. then multiply by molecular weight of NaCl

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Q: How many grams of NaCl are in 5.00 M solution?
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How many grams of NaCl molecular weight 58.5 g mole -1 would you dissolve in water to make a 0.5M NaCl solution with 500 ml final volume?


What is the molarity of a solution containing 3.50 grams of NaCl in 500 mL of solution?

In 500ml there are 3.5 grams. Therefore in 1 litre, there are 7g. 7/58.443 is 0.1198 molar.

What is the molarity of sodium sulphate in a solution prepared by dissolving 15.5g in enough water to make 35ml of solution?

Molarity = moles of solute/volume of solution Find moles NaCl 55 grams NaCl (1mol NaCl/58.44 grams) = 0.941 moles NaCl Molarity = 0.941 moles NaCl/35 Liters = 0.027 Molarity NaCl ( sounds reasonable as 55 grams is not much in 35 Liters of water, which would be about 17.5 2 liter sodas )

How many grams of medication will 500 ml of a 10 percent solution contain?

50 grams

How many grams of NaCl are in 500ml of Normal saline?

A person is dehydrated and is given 500 ml of normal many grams of sodium chloride will person recieve ?

How many grams of solute in 500 cm3 of 2 mole solution?

Depending on the molecular mass of the solute.

How many grams in 500 calories?

500 grams of what?

How many grams of Na Cl molecular weight 58.5 g mole -1 would you dissolve in water to make a 50 mM Na Cl solution with 500 ml final volume?

By definition, a 50 mM solution of any substance contains 50 mM of the solute per liter of solution, and true solutions are always homogeneous mixtures. Therefore, 500 ml of such a solution would contain (50)(500/1000) or 2.50 millimoles of NaCl. The molecular weight of the salt Is stated in the question to be 58.5 grams per mole; therefore, the millimolecular mass would be 58.5 milligrams; and 2.50 times that value or 146 mg, to the justified number of significant digits , would be contained in 500 ml of the solution and would need to be supplied from the stock of NaCl available.

What is the morality of a solution that has 120 grams of NaOH in 500 ML of solution?

6 molar

How much gNacl and how much gwater needed for ready of 500g solution of NaCl 0.95 percent?

0.95% * 500 g = 4.75 g NaCl

What is the molarity of a solution containing 23G of nacl in 500 ml solution?

molarity of a solution means mols per liter.First, you need to convert 23 grams on NaCl into mols. 23g divided by molar mass (58.44g/mol) which gives you .394 mols.Now, you need to convert 500ml to L which moves the decimal three places to the left, giving you .500L of solution.Finally, divide the mols over solution to get .787M

If you have 2 liters of 2 M NaCl you take 500 ml of that and add it to 500ml of pure water the new 1000 ml preparation is now?

A solution of NaCl 1 M.