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1000ppm = 1000mg per litre. this means 1g made up to a litre of solution.

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Q: How many grams per solution 1000 ppm?
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How many grams is 77 kilograms?

There are 1000 grams per kilogram; so multiply by 1000 to get 77,000 grams.

How many kilo grams going to grams?

1000 grams per kilogram

How many grams are there in x kg?

1000 grams per Kilogram

A drug has a concentration of 45mgml how many grams of the drug are in 1 liter of the solution?

1 liter = 1000 mL 1 gram = 1000 mg So there are 45,000 mg in 1 liter divided by 1000 mg per gram = 45 grams/liter

How many grams of salt are in an 80 parts per thousand liter solution of salt water?

80 parts per thousand (ppt) means there is 80 grams (g) of NaCl (salt) per 1000 grams of water. 1L is approximately 1000 grams of water; it can vary slightly depending on the temperature.

1 liter of water only will show 1000 gram per liter How many grams of material are contained in 1040 gram per liter solution?

Depends on the material in question.

5800 grams equals how many kilograms?

1000 Grams per kilogram, so 5800:1000 = 5.8 Kg.

How many is 500 grams of meat at seven dollars per kilogram?

1 kg = 1000 grams so 7 dollars per kg = 7 dollars per 1000 grams. Dividing by 2: 3.5 dollars for 500 grams.

How many kilograms are in 3215 grams?

There are 3.215 kilograms in 3215 grams, since there are 1000 grams per kilogram.

Grams per kilogram?

1000 grams

How many grams are there in 5.23 kilogram?

It's 1000 grams per kg, so 5.23 x 1000 = 5230 grams.

How many grams of a drug must be used to prepare 2 liters of a 1 percent solution?

1% solution = 1 gram per 100 mL, 10 grams per liter 20 grams