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Well if there are 2 1/2cups in one whole cup, then there are 6 half cups in three whole cups. The bold is your answer.

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Q: How many half cup servings are in three cups of coleslaw?
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How many half cups servings are in 3 cups of milk?

6 half servings

Three and a half cups of confectioners sugar is equal to how many cups of regullar sugar?

three and a half cups three and a half cups

What is half of three and a half cups?

One and three-quarters cups.

Can you divide three cups in half?

Half of three cups is one and 1/2 cups.

How many people does a half keg serve?

about 165 cups of beer (12-oz servings)!

What is half of three and three fourth cups?

1 and 7/8 cups.

What is half of 3 and a half cups?

1 and three-quater cups 1 3/4 cups:>

How many cups in three in half quarts?

14 cups

How many cups are equal to three and half pints?

7 cups

How many cases of beer are in a half keg?

There are nearly three and a half cases of beer in a half keg. It contains approximately 82 twelve ounce servings of beer, and there are 24 twelve ounce servings in a case.

How do you divide three fourths cup in half?

3/4 cups is equal to 6/8 cups. Half of that is 3/8 cups.

How many servings of fruit and veggies should you have a day?

For a teen they need two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables a day.

How many cups uncooked couscous for 12 servings as a side?

4 cups of uncooked couscous would be a good amount for 12 servings. It also depends on how you cook the couscous, meaning if this is a great recipe that family and friends rave about, then 5 cups would be better. But if it is a side and half the people go for seconds, 4 cups would suffice.

How many cups are in 3.5pints?

Three and a half pints is the equivalent of seven cups.

How many cups is 175g of brown sugar?

Three and a half cups or there abouts.

How many servings in a half cantaloupe?

That is about 2 servings

What is half of one and one half cup?

Half of 1.5 cups is 0.75 cups, or three quarters of a cup.

What is one half of five and three fourth cups?

2 and 7/8 cups

How many pints equals three and half cups?

3.5 cups is 1.75 pints.

How many third cups in an half cup?

To find how many third cups in a half cup, you would divide one third into one half. To do this, you will have to multiply one half with the reciprocal of one third, which is three over one (3). This equals three halves, which equals one and one half third cups in a half cup.

What is a half of three quarters of a cup?

0.375 cups

What is one third of 1 and a half cups?

half a cup.......three halfs go into one and a half

How many 8 ounce cups are in a half gallon?

There are eight 8-oz servings in 1/2 US gallon.

How many servings are in a can of fruit the suggeted serving size is a half cup the can contains 3and a half cups of fruit?

Can contains 3 & 1/2 cups A serving (portion) = 1/2 a cup How many 1/2 cups are in the can - the answer is 7

How many cups in 1and a half pound flour?

Well i think it might be three cups

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