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9 days. 24 hours in a day. 9 times 24 is 216.

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Q: How many hours are in a week and two days?
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Related questions

How many weeks are in 226 hours?

There is one week and two days in 226 hours.

How many days is two seventh of a week?

2/7 of a week would be two days since a week is seven days, two 'parts' of a week would be two days.

How many practices a week for basketball?

If you want good players I would Suggest five days a week for two to three hours

How many hours are there in two weeks?

1 week = 7 days 2 weeks = 14 days 1 day = 24 hours 14 days = 336 hours

How many times a week can you visit your boyfriend in jail?

It depends on the Jail and what their visiting days and hours are. Here in CA where I live you can see them once a day and they get two days each week. Hope this helped.

How many hours do the gymnast train?

Depends at what level the gymnast is. beginners usually start out at and 1 hour a practice one to two days a week. The more advanced gymnast who compete practice at least 4 hours a day 4 days a week.

How many hours in two and a half days?

Two and half days = 60 hours

How many days in two thirds of a week?

7/3 = 2.33333r (1 third.) 2 thirds = 4.66r So 4.67 days.

How many days and hours is 49 hours?

A day has 24 hours, so two days have 48 hours. So, 49 hours is two days and one hour.

How many hours does a registered nurse work?

It depends on the job, the hospital and whether the nurse wants overtime, but most nurses in hospitals work 12-hour shifts, two days on, two days off, for about 40-48 hours a week.

how many hours make two days?

48 hours

How many days are in two sevenths of a week?

2 days

How many days is two sevenths of a week?

2 days

How many days is in 45 hours?

two days without 3 hours?

Elena worked 38 hours last week and 36 hours this week how many hours dids she work in the two weeks?

74 hours

How many days in 48 hours?

48 hours is exactly 2 (two) days.

How many hours are there in 2 and a half days?

Two and a half days is 60 hours.

How many hours a housewife works per day or week?

24 hours 7 days a week :)i am a mum of two, one 7years and the second 9 months and i never stop, then when i do get a break its cause i am at work on my designated lunch break lol

How many days are in one hundred ninety-two hours?

there are 8 days in 192 hours

How many days is a two week notice?

There are 7 days in 1 week. So 7 days multiply by 2 and the answer is 14 days.

How many days of the week have 6 consonants?


What are Japans school hours?

For grammar schools in Japan, there are three 6-hour days and two 5-hour days a week. A school hour is 45 minutes. There are five days in a school week now.

How many hours in 2880 minutes?

48 hours or two days

How many days are there in ten weeke and two days?

A week is 7 days, Ten weeks is 70 days, now add the two days and get 72 days

What two conversion factors would you use to convert weeks to hours?

7 days/week 24 hours/day