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52 weeks = 1 year

52 - 2 = 50 weeks

50 x 7 days x 24 hours = 8400 hours

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Q: How many hours in a year with 2 weeks leave?
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How many hours in a week if one works 1000 hours a year?

1000 hours divided by 50 weeks (if you take two weeks unpaid leave per year):1000 / 50 = about 19 hours a week

How many weeks vacation do European workers get?

In Europe the normal annual leave entitlement is 30 days or 6 weeks paid leave a year.

How many hours in a typical work year 40 hours a week?

2080. (40 hours a week x 52 weeks in a year)

How do you translate dollars per hour to year?

Well, it depends on how many hours you work per week and how many weeks in the year you work. To figure it out: Multiply the hourly rate * number of hours/week * number of weeks you work/year.

How many hours do i work in a month and in a year if i work 40 hours in a week?

Average month is 4 weeks-160 hours. If you work every week of the year (52 weeks) that is 2080 hours.

How many work hours in a year are in a full-time job?

2080 hours. 52 weeks at 40 hours per week.

How many weeks and extra days in 1 year?

52.177457 WeeksOr52 Weeks and 1 day with just under 6 hours*Assuming its not leap year

A salary of 36000 per year is how much per hour?

That depends on how many hours a week, and how many weeks a year, the person works.

How many weeks are an a year?

52 weeks in year

How many weeks is are in a year?

There are 52 weeks in a year.

How many weeks in an Year?

52 weeks in a year

How many weeks in a a year?

There are 48 weeks in a year.

How many hours in a week for 3000 hours in a 2 year period?

2 years = 104 weeks 3000 hours divide by 104 = 28.846153

How many hours worked in year based on a 37.5 hours work week?

There are 52 weeks in a year. Work week is 37.5 52 times 37.5 equals 1950 hours.

What was the difference between men's and women's salary from 1880 to 1920?

1880 hours and 1920 hours represents a difference of one weeks leave (40 hours)... 1880 is a typical amount of work hours in one year for the federal government and it assumes four weekes of leave. Industry supporting government projects does not always provide its employees four weeks of leave. Generally its three causing the increase in available work hours. It is not a GENDER issue...

How much is 24k a year an hour?

That depends on how many weeks are worked a year and how many hours a week. In a 50 week year at 40 hours a week it is 12 an hour In a 48 week year at 38 hours a week it is 13.57 an hour and so forth.

How long is a maternity leave in Ontario?

Mat leave if 17 weeks. You are also allowed to take parental leave which is an additional 35 weeks. So in total you will receive 52 weeks. (1 Year)

How many works weeks are there in a year?

They are 52 weeks in a year and a leap year they is 53 weeks.

How many weeks there are in a year and how many weeks it would be in 26 years?

There are approximately 52 weeks in a year.

19.00 an hour how much is that a year?

It depends on how many hours per day, how many days per week, and how many weeks per year you want to work, so for example multiply 19.00 by 8 (hours per day), then by 5 (days per week), then by 50 (weeks per year) and you will have your answer.

How many weeks does a year have?

52 weeks in a year A year has 52 weeks, and 53 Thursdays at the most There are 52 weeks in a year.

How many weeks this year?

there are 52 full weeks in a year

How many weeks do you have in a year?

52 weeks= 1 year

How many weeks are total in a year?

There are 52 Weeks in a year :)

15 dollars a hour 40 hours a week is how much a year?

to figure this out, you have some variables assuming vacation of 2 weeks. also, you have to assume you are going to work all 50 weeks and get paid leave for when you don't, because unlike a salary, your yearly wage is dependent on how much you actually work. roughly, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year yields 2000 hours worked in the year. multiply 2000 by 15 and you get $30k a year.