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Distance = Rate * Time

or, algebraically manipulated for our purposes

Time = Distance/Rate

Time = 212 miles/70 mph

= 3.0 hours


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Q: How many hours is 212 miles at 70 miles an hour?
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What is the average speed of a plane traveling 954 miles in 4.5 hours?

212 miles per hour.

How long will it take to drive 212 miles at 80 miles per hour?

2 hours 39 minutes.

How many hours is 212 miles at 70 miles?

3 hours 1.7 minutes

How many hours will it take to drive 212 miles?

In order to work this problem, you must know how fast you will be driving. Let's assume you will be driving an average of 55 miles per hour (that is, 55 mph). This means in one hour you will drive 55 miles. (1 hour/55 miles) x (212 miles) = 3.85 hours If you will be driving faster or slower than 55 mph,then change the 55 in the problem above and redo the multiplication to see what your time will be.

How many hours will it take to drive 212miles going 65 miles per hour?

212 ÷ 65 = 3.2615384623.26 hours

How fast is 212 kph in mph?

212 kilometers per hour is 131.73 miles per hour.

How many hours is 212 miles?

You could not tell that because it depends on the rate you are going.

How long will it take driving 75 mph mph for 212 miles?

To find your answer, divide the number of miles (212) by the speed (75 mph). 212 divided by 75 = 2.83 hours. If you need your answer in hours/ minutes, then there is another step. You need to figure out how many minutes are in .83 hours. There are 60 minutes in one hour. So you need to multiply .83 x 60 to find the minutes. The answer is 49.8 or rounded up, 50 minutes. So your final answer is 2 hours and 50 minutes.

How long does it take to drive 212 miles at 70 mph?

Time = Distance/Speed = 212/70 hours = 3.0286 hours = 3 hours 1.7 minutes

How many miles is 212 kilometers?

212 km is equal to 131.731 miles.

How fast does a Cadillac sts go?

212 miles per hour

How fast is 128.5 miles per hour in kilometers?

212 KM

How many acres in 212 square miles?

212 square miles = 135,680 acres.

How many driving miles between Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando FL?

The driving distance is about 212 road miles - approximately 3.5 hours driving time.

How many miles is it from Sacramento CA to Dunsmuir CA?

It is 212 miles according to Google Maps.It is 212 miles according to Google Maps.

How many days and hours are in 212 hours?

There are 8 days and 20 hours.

How long will it take you to travel 212 miles at 70 mph?

3.0286 hours (rounded)

How long does it take to travel 212 mile at 65 miles an hour?

3hours 15minutes 41.5seconds (rounded)

How many miles FROM sunrise Florida TO Orlando Florida?

212 miles

How many hours is 212 minutes?

3 hours, 32 minutes

Driving distance from Memphis to Nashville?

The distance is about 212 miles. It should take a little over 3 hours hours to travel it. The time is going to vary depending on traffic and how many stops you make.

How many hours are there in 212 mins?


How many miles is it from redding CA to redwood national forest?

212 miles

How many is 212 in hours and minutes altogether?

3 hours 32 minutes.

How many minutes are there in 212 hour?

1 hr = 60 min → 212 hr = 212 × 60 = 12720 min