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6 hours

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Q: How many hours is 9am to 3pm?
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How many hours from 9am to 5pm?

9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm. 8 hours.

How many hours from 9am to 3pm?

6 hours, if they're both in the same day.

How much hour is 9am to 3pm?

6 hours

How many hours had the Battle of Hastings gone on for?

The Battle of Hastings lasted from 9am until 3pm (6 hours).

On Pokemon Emerald when is high tide?

9am-3pm, 9pm-3am. The other hours is low tide.

How many hours is 3pm-10pm?

3pm to 10pm is 7 hours.

What times occur after 3pm 9pm Midnight 9am 3pm All of these?

All of them. 3PM is 24 hours later than 3PM. However, without a frame of reference (a date) all of them could also be regarded as being earlier than 3PM. That is, 9PM last night would be earlier than 3PM today.

What are Fall 2013 hours of operation of the Office of Student Services of Boston College?

The hours of Fall 2013 hours of operation at the Office of Student Services of Boston College are during the weekdays Monday to Friday. The hours are 9am to 5pm unless it is a Friday where it is 9am to 3pm.

How many hours of school is there in Australia?

Children in Australian state schools attend school between the hours of 9am and 3pm, which is six hours a day. Children in private schools tend to have between 30 and 45 minutes longer.

How many hours is it from 9 until 3 o'clock?

six 9am to mid-day = 3 hours mid-day to 3pm = 3 hours 3 + 3 = 6

How many hours from Sunday 3pm to monday 3pm?

24 of course !

How many hours is 3am to 3pm?


How many hours is 3pm-5pm?


How many hours is 9am to 630pm?

From 9am to 6:30pm is 9 hours and 30 minutes.

How many hours is 10 am -3pm?


How long did Neil Armstrong stay in school?


How many hours is 12pm to 3pm?

3 hours between 12pm and 3pm

How many hours is 9am -12am?


How many hours is 9am-12am?


What is the Time difference china vs South Africa?

South Africa is 6 hours behind meaning 9am in Africa then 3pm in china

How many hours are 1pm to 3pm?

2 hours

How many hours is 10am to 3pm?

5 hours

How many hours from 3pm to 5pm?

2 hours

How many hours is 730am to 3pm?

7.5 hours

How many hours is 3pm to 12pm?

It is 9 hours.