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7 hours, 15 minutes

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Q: How many hours is left on a 8 hour shift after 1 15 minute break and 30 minute lunch?
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How many hours do people work in Mexico?

It depends on the job. Full-time people in Mexico generally work 9 hours, receiving 1 paid, 60-minute break for lunch. People refer to this as an 8-hour shift.

Is a half hour lunch in Colorado for part time work necessary?

Labor laws provide part time workers with a 10 minute break durning a shift. Unless you are working a full shift you won’t get a dinner break and you are entitled to two 10 minute breaks in a 8 hour shift.

Does Publix offer their employees with a break other than a lunch break?

As a conscientious employer, Publix observes all the federal and state laws concerning labor. If you work for six hours, the federal law says that you are entitled to a lunch break of at least 1/2 hour. For seven hours, you are also entitled to a ten minute break plus the lunch break. For an eight hour shift, you are entitled to two ten minute breaks and a one hour lunch break. Publix vigorously enforces the law. State law may vary in your state, and Publix has certain employees in your district to make sure these laws are observed.

If you work 4 hours do you get a 15 minute break?

In Sweden (with very rigorous worker protection legislation) you do not have to get a 15 minute break if your shift is 4 hours long (but you are allowed 5 minutes each hour).

How many hours do you work before being entitled to 10 minute break?

If working a 10 hour shift, by law you are required to have one 30 minute break. Along with the 30 minute break, you are supposed to also have two fifteen minute breaks.

Is is illegal for your boss to keep you from eating over a certain period of time?

It depends on the type of job you have. Some service industry jobs like waitressing and convienance store work it is understood that you will take breaks when time permits. However, most jobs are required during an eight hour shift to provide you with a 15 minute break within 2 hours of starting your shift, at least a half hour lunch break within 4 hours of starting your shift, and another 15 minute break within 6 hours of starting your shift. Basically every 2 hours you are getting a break. Now if you are only working a 4 hour shift you are only entitled to one 15 minute break within 2 hours of starting your shift. I say within because it could be before the 2 hours or after the 2 hours by a few minutes based on coverage for your time away. Those are Federal Work Labor Laws that can be enforced by contacting the Department of Labor with proof that you are not getting you allowable breaks like you are supposed to get. Be careful because some employers that do not provide the breaks by law to their employees may also be doctoring time sheets because they can be fined from the Dept. of Labor if they were ever investigated or audited by them.

How many hour before you get a break in Sask Canada?

Usually in the first two hours of an 8 hour shift. Supposed to have two 15 minute breaks and 1 half hour break. Shorter work shifts and you'll get a 15 minute break

How many breaks are in an 8Hr shift?

Two 15 minute breaks which is mandatory and PAID for. Half an hour or a full hour of lunch - most companies don't pay for you to eat a meal - that's your time and you clock out for that.

Are employers required to give employee breaks during a 8 hour work day?

yea, either 8 or 10 but pretty sure your suppose to get a 10min or half hour break (depending on what you want)

If you work 10 hours a day how many breaks and lunches should you get and if you are aschudled to work like from 330 am till 130 pm and work over every day at least 30 minutes should Iget paid for?

you should get at least 3 breaks in a day You should get a 15 minute break after every two hours and at least a half hour lunch break no more than 6 hours after the start or before the end of your shift.

Are you entitled to a lunch break if you worked an eight hour shift and is paid eight hour?

I'm not sure about legalities, but it is standard occupational practices to offer a 30 minute or 1 hour paid lunch break to full-time employees working 8 hour shifts. Part-time employees often get unpaid breaks, but they are still offered at least 30 minutes during an 8-hour shift. In addition, many employers volunteer additional 15-minute breaks depending on the type of work. --- Around about 8 or 9 pounds ?

How much brakes you can have for one working day?

Most state in the U.S. are the same with labor law. Usually, for an 8 hour shift, a worker is entitled to two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch.