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Q: How many hours of recording will 500gb hold?
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How many 5 minutes song does 500gb hold?


How many movies can you hold on 500gb?

you have 1TB on a hard drive but you only have 950 gb what happened to the other 50 gb

How many songs does a 8 GB flashdrive can hold?

it depends on how long the song is but mine can hold 300

How many files can fit on 500gb?


How many hours of recording can you get on a sony camcorder hc?

It depends on the model. Search for information on the sony website, and look for the model that has the longest hours of recording and thats the camera you will want.

How many hours of recorded shows can be stored on a dvr?

It depends on the DVR company. I believe that Knowlegy and Midcontinent can hold 80 hours and I think Dish can hold over 200 hours. I'm not sure about the other ones. You could go to there sights to find out.

How many hours of video can a 60 GB hold?

Typically, it is estimate that the camera with 60 gb would hold about 15 hours of recording. But like the previous poster said it would depend on your frame rate, resolution, and encoding. It also would depend if it is shot in standard definition or high definition as well.

Length of audio recording on 2GB SD card?

Quite many hours actually.

How many hours are you required to drive once you hold your permit?

13 hours

How many hours does Britney Spears work an avarge week?

depends if she is touring or recording every day is different

How many hours of video can a mp3 player hold?

1 GB hold 1 hour roughly

How many hours of audio does a 4 GB hold?

a long time