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There is no reason why they SHOULD watch any!

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Q: How many hours per day should children watch television?
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What is a safe amount of time to watch tv forso that you dont cause a lot of injury?

Children should not watch television more than two hours per day. More television time can lead to future health and psychological problems.

How much time does a 14 year old watch TV?

Children now a days live in front of the TV. If you are wanting to limit their tv consumption, then you should go to 1 to 2 hours a day.

how long should you watch tv?

for about 3 hours then if it is nice outside go out

Should kids be able to watch tv whenever they like?

Yes, because children love to watch t.v.

Should children have a television in there room?

yes because sometimes you need to watch the news and if you get in trouble and you have to go to your room then you could watch you tv

Why children should not watch reality tv?

reality tv is not good for children because reality tv is not educational they say bad words and fight and children follow that

How much TV should a 13 year old watch?

It depends on your outlook. Some people believe that children should watch a very scarce amount of television and others believe that television is good for children to watch a large amount daily. I think there shouldn't be a limit as long as their homework and chores and other things are completed.

What are some reasons TV is good for children?

It has been said that unrealistic TV (i.e. cartoons that show violence etc.) are bad for children's health but realistic programmes like documentaries can be good. Of course it is a case of checking the content- some documentaries aren't suitable for children so be causious with regards to what they watch. Also be careful with the timings they watch TV for- TV should be watched in moderation- (i.e. don't let them watch hours of TV a day). A maximum of 2 and a half hours of TV a day would be plenty.

How many minutes should a 9 year old watch TV a day?

It is generally recommended that children between the ages of 5-18 should have no more than 1-2 hours of screen time (including TV) per day. Therefore, a 9-year-old should ideally watch TV for no more than 1-2 hours a day. It is important to balance screen time with other activities to promote healthy development.

How much is too much television?

Parenting and child guidance experts differ on the specific amount of television each child should have, so it's best to just use some plain common sense. Some parents don't let their children watch any TV, while others simply let the TV "babysit" their children to keep them out of their hair. There should be a balance in there somewhere. Television, like other forms of media, can be both an educational and good moral influence on your child, but should not be a substitute for your teaching and example. Children can benefit from some TV watching and it's up to you to decide how much is too much. (I personally only let my children watch a few hours a day). When they watch it all day everyday! You should probably only allow 2-3 hrs of virtiual things (TV, Video Games, etc.)

Should parents allow children to watch older children movies?

It all depends on the content. The best bet is to follow ESRB ratings and allow them to watch movies/tv based on those guidelines.

Should there be laws to control the amount of tv young children watch?

no its the parent job to control that, any way how would the law know how much they watch ! ?