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its directly incfluenced by your familiarity with the car and your skill

me and my buddy did mine in about 8 hours (minus downtime for parts)

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:00:09
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Q: How many hours to do a headgasket on a 88 7mgte turbo and is it a major pain?
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What engines 1986 supra?

I believe the 7mge n/a and 7mgte turbo ct26

With an 85' Supra non-turbo what motor is needed to make it Turbo?

You could get turbo for the 5mge and the 6mge (CT26), but expect to pay about 4000 bucks for the turbo, which upgrades the engine to 215BHP. For the money (and HP) it is probably a better idea to buy a 7mgte and do the engine swap, as the 7mgte has 235BHP. Expect to pay about 2200, if you are buying the engine new, plus the cost to get the engine swapped. If you need more information on doing the 5mge to 7mgte swap, there are a million (okay, exaggeration..) discussion boards, and websites that talk about that.

What motor does a 1988 Toyota supra have in it from the factory?

There were two different engines in the 1988 Supras(MKIII) there was the turbo-charged 7MGTE inline 6 engine, and the N/A 7MGE which was not turbo-charged.

What are the symptoms of a bad ECU for a 1988 turbo Supra 7MGTE?

When you turn the ignition on the CHECK ENGINE light will not light up at all.

What is the best engine suitable for a 1992 Toyota supra twin turbo?

You are only slightly right, in the states there was the 7MGTE (single turbo) from 86.5-92..... then the 2jz came about in the mk4 which had the TT option later on. but to answer the ? about the twin turbo supra in 1992 they made a TT model in japan the engine code is 1JZGTE it is a 2.5ltre twin turbo 87-92 which in my opinion is and awesome motor , they also had the 7mgte in earlier models of the mk3 the 1992 supra came with a single turbo and not a twin turbo. the twin turbo came to-be a year later in the 1993 MKIV generation supra.

How do you swap a non turbo supra to a turbo?

You need a computer the oil booster the turbo, header pipe and all the inteake plumbing off of the 88 7mgte motor. and simply install this should all cost about 150 to about 300 bucks just shop around

What engine does a 1987 Supra have?

If it's the factory motor it will have either a 7MGE or 7MGTE. Both are 3.0 inline 6 motors but one is turbo and the other isn't.

Why does your 1993 ford truck 7.3 diesel turbo have oil in radiator?

leaking oil cooler or headgasket, or block

How can you tell the difference between a turbo and nonturbo on a 1988 supra?

Look on the front timing cover. If it says 7MGE it is non turbo, if it says 7MGTE it is a turbo. You can look on back below taillights for turbo emblem. The turbo motors also usually have a black plastic cover over the front of the motor that says turbo. Easy way is look on left side of motor where the exhaust is to see if there's a turbo or not.

What is the ignition wire order left to right at the ignition pack for a 1989 Toyota Supra Turbo?

maybe an dont quote me on this but check on the intake they usually have it stamped assuming you have the 7mgte>24v 3.0L intercooled turbo>or around the cam cases

What is the duration of New Kids Turbo?

The duration of New Kids Turbo is 1.37 hours.

How fast is a 1989 Toyta Supra?

depending on which engine performance varies. If u have a UK spec turbo with the 7mgte engine in it these produce 230 bhp and do 0-60 in about 6.1 secs. The non turbo 7mge has 200bhp and will go 0-60 in about 7.5 secs. im not that sure about the stats on the 1ggte and 1jzgte engined models which were available to the Japanese market tho.

What is the difference between turbo and twin turbo?

Turbo = 1 turbo, Twin Turbo = 2 turbos

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I have an 1985 Dodge Daytona Turbo just had the engine rebuilt but am having an antifreeze leak and cannot figure out where it is coming from seems to be coming from above the valve covers any ideas?

Leaking coolant can be from many areas. On the 2.2 Turbo used in your Daytona, there isn't anything above the valve cover, but it could be leaking from the head/block mating surface, due to a blown headgasket or a warped cylinder head. Also the turbo vehicles have coolant feed and drain lines going to and from the turbo, checkout the connections on the turbo for leaks and also on the thermostat housing and the rear of the block where it feeds.Finally, check all hoses on the radiator and the rad itself for any leaks or even a cracked head or block for coolant leaks.

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