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The average amount of sleep a 10 year old should have is around 8-11 hours

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Q: How many hours would a ten year old slept?
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How many hours will you have slept by the end of the new year if you sleep 10 hours each day in the new year?

There are 365 days in a year. So, 365 multiplied by 10 hours = 3,650 hours. When there's a leap year, the calculation will be 366 multiplied by 10 hours = 3,660 hours.

How many years have 12 year olds slept?

This will vary based on the persons sleep cycles. However, if the average person sleeps 8 hours a night you can guesstimate that they have slept about 4 years. Therefore, they have slept 1/3 of their lives.

How many hours of sleep in a year?

if you mean how many hours you should sleep in a year it would be 3,650 hours of sleep for a regular year not a leap year

How many hours would be a year on venus?

166.75 hours

How many years do people sleep?

Because people, on average, sleep 8 hours a day, you can assume one sleeps away 1/3 of their years away. There are 24 hours in a day, and 8 hours is 1/3 of that. So if you have an average 30 year old, it can be assumed they would have slept away 10 years of their life.

How many total hours in year are worked if you work a 40 hour week.?

How many days of vacation do you get? How many holidays do you get? In general it would be about 2000 hours with major holidays.

How many total hours of television do Americans see a year?

Four hours a day, which would continue to be 28 hours a week, which would ifnally turn into 2 months of television per year.

If you make 130000 a year how much do you make per hour?

This depends on how many hours you work during that year. To find the answer, you would divide 130000 by how many hours work during the year.

How many years has a seventy five year old person slept?

75 years

1.3 yrs equals how many hours?

11,395.8 hours using 365.25 days to account for if the year is a leap year, 11,388 hours if the year is a normal year, and 11,419.2 hours if the year is a leap year. The most likely answer would be the one using 365 days, so 11,388 hours.

What will you say to a man who slept for 300 years and wakes up at this time of year?

I would say, Are you hungry?

How many hours or in a year?

8,766 hours in one year.