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96 square inches

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Q: How many inches are in a 12x8 inch rectangle?
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How many square inches in a 3 foot by 4 inch rectangle?

12 square inches.

How many 2 inch squares can fit inside a rectangle 6 inches by 8 inches?


How many square inches in a 36 inch by 4 inch rectangle?

36" X 4" = 144"/sq

How many inches are in 8 feet and 8 inches?

104 12in = 1ft (12x8)+8=104

How many gallons would a rectangle hold that is 18 inch by 18 inch by 60 inches?

84.16 US gallons

How many square inches is 51X83?

u wrote units for answer but not the question. if the rectangle is 51 inch X 83 inch, answer would be 4233 square inches. if the rectangle is 51 m X 83 m, answer would be approximately 6561163.10894147188977 square inches. it seems that first answer is what you are looking for.

How many inches in 10 inch by 3 inch rectangle?

A 10 inch by 3 inch rectangle has a perimeter of 26 inches. Its area is measured in square inches, not inches.

How many one inch tiles would it take to cover a rectangle that is 10 inches wide and 20 inches long?

all you have to do is 10*20 which equals what

How many 2 inch circles will fit into a 12 inch by 16 inch rectangle?

48- 2 inch circles with fit in a 12x16 rectangle.

How many square inches in a rectangle?

Depends how big the rectangle is.

A rectangle is 8 inches long a 3 inches wide How many square inches will it take to cover the rectangle?


How many gallons would a rectangle hold that is 16x12x34 inches?

The volume of the rectangle would be 16*12*34 = 6528 cubic inches. 1 cubic inch = .004 gallons so 6528 cubic inches would be .004 * 6528 = 26.112 gallons.

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