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58 inches

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Q: How many inches is 4ft 10 inches?
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Related questions

How many square inches is in 3ft by 4ft?

3ft by 4ft

What is 4ft and 10 inches in cm?


How many cubic ft of soil do you need for 4ft x 4ft x 8 inches?

16 x 2/3 = 10 2/3

How many inches is 4ft 6 in?

54 inches.

4ft 10 inches cm?

147,32 cm

What is 148cm converted in to feet and inches?

4ft 10 1/4in

4ft in inches?

4ft to inches is: 12x4= 48inches

4ft 7in equals how many inches?

55 inches

How many inches in 4ft and 5in?

There are 53 inches in 4ft and 5in. you can get this answer by knowing that each foot has 12 inches so you multiply 4 by 12 then add 5

How many inches are there in 4 feet and 8 inches?

56 inches in 4ft 8 inches

How many feet and inches in 135cm?

135cm = 4ft 55⁄32 inches.

How many inches makes up 4ft?

12 inches = 1 foot so 4*12 = 48 inches

4 feet is how many inches?

4ft*12 in=48in

What is the average height of a 10 year old human female?

4ft 8 inches

How tall must you be if you are 10?

you should be atleast 4ft 5 inches to 5ft 5

How many inches in 4ft?

Four feet is 48 inches @12 inches per foot.

If you are 123 cm tall how many inches would that be?

123 cm is 48.4252 inches (4ft and 27⁄64 inches tall).

What is 4ft and 3 inches in inches?

51 inches.

How many ft equals 48in?

4ft equals 48 inches.

How many inches is 4'11?

(4ft x 12in/1ft) + 11in = 48 + 11 = 59 inches

Is 4ft 7in greater than 56 inches?

No. As there are 12 inches in a foot, 4ft 7in is 55 inches, so it is 1 less than 56 inches.

What is bigger 4ft or 60inches?

60 inches is bigger. 60in = 5ft 48in=4ft

How much is 4ft into inches?

48 inches

How many centimeters are there in 4 feet 11 inches?

4ft 11 inches is 59 inches. 1 inch = 2.54cm. Answer = 149.86cm

How many foot is 152cms?

4ft 10