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Convert inches to centimeters.

1.6cm x 1in/2.54cm = 0.63in

0.9cm x 1in/2.54cm = 0.35in

Multiply inches to get square inches (in2).

0.63in x 0.35in = 0.2205in2

Square inches or square centimeters are a measure of area.

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0.9 * 1.6cm = 1.44cm

1.44cm = 0.56693 inches

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finding the product = 1.6 X 1.4 X 1.0 .

=2.24 cubic cm .

now ,convert cc to cubic inches .

1cm cube =0.06102 in cube .

2.24 cm cube=0.13669 in cube.

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Q: How many inches is in 1.6 Cm x 0.9 Cm?
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