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kilo = 1000

meter = 100 centimeter

1 centimetre = 0.3937008 inches

So 1 kilometer = 0.3937008 x 100 x 1000 inches

= 39370.08 inches

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Q: How many inches make one kilometre?
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One kilometre equals how many inches?

39370.1 in

How many miles make one kilometre?

0.6214 miles = 1 kilometre.

How many kilometre make a mile?

1 kilometer is about 0.621 miles.

How many centimeters for a Kilometre?

One kilometre is 100,000 centimetres

How many meters are there in half of kilometre?

There are 1000 metres in one kilometre so there must be 500 metres in half a kilometre.

How many kilometer 11000 meters make?

One thousand metres in a kilometre so 11 kilometres.

758 meters equal how many Kilometers?

0.758 of a kilometre (1,000 metres in one kilometre)

How many millermetres in a kilometre?

One million.

How many blocks are in one kilometre?


How many millimeters in one kilometre?


How many decimeter in one kilometre?

1000 metres make a kilometer and 10 decimeter make a meter. so 10000 decimeters make a kilometer.

How many inches does it thake to make one yard?

it takes 36 inches to make a yard