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There are 1000 metres in one kilometre so there must be 500 metres in half a kilometre.

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Q: How many meters are there in half of kilometre?
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How many meters are in half a kilometre?


How many meters are in are in one - half a kilometer?

Half a kilometre = 500 metres

500 kilometers is how many meters?

500 kilometers is equal to 500,000 meters because there are 1,000 meters in a kilometer.

What is half a km in m?

Half a kilometre is 500 metres.

Does 50000 mm equal half a kilometre?

No. A kilometer is 1000 meters. Half of 1000 meters is 500 meters.

How many meters are in kilia meters?

The word is kilometre. There are 1000 metres in a kilometre

What is Five hundred meters called?

just that or half a kilometre

How large is 500 meters?

500 Meters aka quite large! half a kilometre

What is half a kilometre in metres?

There are 1000 metres in one kilometre. Therefore, half a kilometre is equal to 0.5 x 1000 = 500 metres.500There are 500 meters in 1/2 of a kilometer

How many meters in 4 and a half km?

There are 1000 metres in a kilometre so 4.5km x 1000= 4500m

How many meters in a kilometre?


How many meters are thre in a kilometer?

1000 meters are in a kilometre