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None. A metric ruler would not show inches, as these are not a metric measurements.

It would show millimetres and centimetres.

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Q: How many inches on a metric ruler?
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How many inches in a short metric ruler?

None a short metric ruler would measure in millimetres.

What does a metric ruler measure?

A metric ruler measures in inches and centimeters.

What metric tool do you use for inches?

A ruler

What is the difference between English and metric ruler?

An english ruler uses inches and feet, and a metric ruler uses centimeters, millimeters, decimeters and meters.

Is a metric ruler the one with inches and centimeters?

Metric is centimeters, milligrams, liters, etc.

Are inches and centimeters on a metric ruler?

Depends on your ruler. I make sure BOTH are on any ruler that I buy.

When do you use the metric ruler?

metric ruler is used for measuring the length of the objects in mm and cm. hence ,1cm=10 mm.In metric ruler =15 cm.

Where is 5.09 on a ruler?

That depends on whether the ruler is a metric one or one that measures inches.

What does a metric ruler do?

a metric ruler is a different way of measuring things and with measuring there is the English system (inches feet etc) and the metric system (centimeters meters etc)

Where is 1.77 on a ruler?

Its about 1.77 inches away from the 0 If you are on a metric ruler its 1.77 centimeters from the 0

What are the smallest divisions on a ruler?

On a metric ruler, the smallest divisions are typically millimeters. On a standard ruler, the smallest divisions are 1/16th inches or 1/32nd inches depending on the specificity of the ruler.

How do you know which side of a ruler to use when you are supposed to measure in metric?

One side of the ruler has centimeters and the other side has inches. Centimeters are smaller than inches. The side with more units is the metric side.

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