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one cubic feet = 1028 Btu

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"I think it's just under 11 (10.86), my gas bill currently shows 1843.52 m3 which is converted to 19991.kWh It is 10.83KWh/m3." According to ..... Multiply m3 by a correction factor of 1.022640 and then by the calorific value shown on your last gas bill (39.1 for me). Finally divide the result by 3.6 to give kWh.

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1 m3 of natural gas is about 35.3 ft3

The average heat content of natural gas is about 1030 Btu/ft3

1 therm is approximately 100,000 Btu

So 35.3 ft3 * 1030 Btu/ft3 * 1 therm/100,000 Btu = 0.36 therms

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Q: How many kWh in a cubic meter of natural gas?
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Natural gas Cubic feet to BTu?

102,000 BTU = 1 ccf

What would natural gas cost to produce the same BTU a 7 cent kilowatt of electricity produces?

The answer to this depends on the cost of natural gas. In my area, natural gas is about $11 US per 1000 Cubic Feet or basically 1.1 cents per cubic foot. At the same time, electricity in my area is 10.9 cents per kilowatt hour. Neither of these costs include taxes and customer charges so the actual cost is actually higher. To answer the question though, one kilowatt is the equivalent of 3416 Btu. One cubic foot of natural gas has 1030 Btu per cubic foot. So we need 3416/1030 or 3.3 cubic feet of natural gas. At 1.1 cents per cubic foot that is 3.63 cents of natural gas. Now if you were using these to heat water, an electric heating element transfers about 98% of it's energy to the water. A natural gas heater only transfers about 65% of it's energy to the water while the rest goes out the flue pipe. So the 1 kilowatt of electricity transfers 3348 Btu to the water. To get the same heating with natural gas would require 3348/.65 or 5150 Btu of natural gas. So 5150/1030 is 5 cubic feet or 5.5 cents of natural gas. Still considerably cheaper than using electricity in my area.

Convert cubic meter of argon gas into liters per minute?

A cubic meter is a unit of volume, specifically 1,000 litres.Litres per minute is a unit of flow.Units of volume and units of flow do not correlate without some factor of time. The question is invalid. Please restate the question.

How can you calculate heat rate in a gas engine using natural gas for producing electricity?

You need to know the energy content of the natural gas which may vary from one supplier to another, the supplier will tell you this, it will be in some unit like kilojoules per cubic meter or cubic foot. Then with the engine running at a steady output, over a period of an hour or preferably more, measure accurately the amount of gas consumed, and from that calculate the energy content of the gas. At the same time measure the kilowatts of electrical output over the same period. If it is varying slightly measure it at intervals and take an average. The energy output is then this figure of kilowatts times the number of seconds elapsed, the result then being in kilojoules, and you can compare this with the energy input over the same period to get an efficiency ratio.

Which has a higher BTU rating natural gas or oil?

Oil has the higher BTU rating Depends. If it is Liquified Nat. Gas then it has the higher rating.

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How do you calculate the volume of natural gas in standard cubic meter at standard pressure?

The volume of gas in a cubic meter is one cubic meter. But perhaps that is not the real question?

How many kj in a cubic meter of natural gas?

The calorific value of natural gas is approximately 11 kj per metre3. The exact value will depend of the compounds present in it.

How do you convert 1 cubic meter of liquid natural gas to liters?

Each cubic meter comprises 1,000 liters. Therefore, cubic meters x 1,000 = liters.

How much air is required to burn 1 cubic meter of natural gas?


What is the current market price of natural gas per cubic meter?

You nincompoop I am artyfarty2001

What is 1 standard cubic meter of natural gas in cubic meters of LNG?

Liquified natural gas has about 1/600th of the volume of natural gas at standard temperature and pressure, so 1 m3 of natural gas would be about 0.001666 m3, or 1.67 liters, of LNG.

How many calories in one cubic meter of natural gas?

7580 kcal @

How much natural gas is required to produce a ton of urea?

Each ton of Urea will need 930 cubic meter of natural gas. It will require 230 cubic meter for conversion and nearly 700 cubic meter for input chemical. In MMBTU terms, it will require nearly 27 MMBTU. In calorific value, it will require 7 Giga calories.

How many liters of liquid gas in one cubic meter of LPG gas?

There are 1,000 liters of liquid gas in 1 cubic meter of LPG gas. The answer would be different if the conversion is from pressurized volume to unpressurized volume.

How many kilos of natural gas are in a therm?

1 Therm is 100,000 BTU, and as there are 1000 BTU in 1 cubic foot of gas, 1 Therm = 100 cubic feet. Density of methane = 0.72 kg/cubic meter which is 35.3 cubic feet, so 100 cubic feet = 2.04 kg

How many liters in 1 cubic meter of bio-gas?

1 cubic metre = 1000 litres.

How many liters of oil are in 93 cubic meters of gas?

Every cubic meter has 1000 liters.