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Q: How many kilograms in a cubic meter of 0.1 MM of polythene?
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How many kilograms does a cubic meter of soil weigh?

soil weighs 1600 kg/ cubic meter

How many kg in a cubic meter of white pine wood logs?

400-500 kilograms per cubic meter

How many cubic meter is there in 2100 normal cubic meter?

...probably about 2100 cubic meters, I suppose. In exactly the same way, 15.75 kilograms is 15.75 kilograms, and 2 pounds is 2 pounds. :)

How many kilograms are in one cubic meter?

The medium density should given to convert from mass (kilogram) to volume (1 cubic meters). Assuming water of 1000 kg/cubic meter, than 1 cubic meter would contain 1000 kilograms,

How many kilograms in .08 cubic meter of waste?

800 kgs

How many kilogram in one cubic meter?

The number of kilograms in one cubic meter depends on the substance being measured, as different substances have different densities. However, for water at standard temperature and pressure, one cubic meter is equal to 1000 kilograms.

How many kilograms in a cubic feet or cubic meter of 10mm?

It depends on 10mm what, and the density (or specific gravity) of whatever that substance is.

How many kilos equal 1 cubic meter sand cement?

assuming kilos means kilograms. In that case, there is no definite answer. Kilograms are units of mass and ite dpends on the consistency (or density) of the cement mixture. A cubic meter of cement can have various densities.

How many kilograms in a cubic meter?

there are 1.0000 kg in 1 cubic meter I do not know why, but i searched that up on a unit converter. It depends what you are reffering to; for example 1 m3 meter of water =1,000 kg = 1 metric ton

How many kilograms of water in 1 cubic meter at 12 degrees C?

1000 kg at 4°C

How many kg of 1ton of 10mm metal?

One cubic meter of the mm metal equals 1411.50 kilograms.

How many kilograms in one cubic meter of bio gas?

The answer is 1,2 kg for a density of 1,201 g/L.