How many kinds of math are there?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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basic math, pre algebra, algebra, algebra 2, geometry, geometry 2, triginometry, physics, pre calculus, calculus and io think there is a few more but i havent gotten there yet


To mention a few:

* Algebra, Analytic (Laplace transfrms, Fourier Analysis

* Algebraic Topology * Combinatorics * Complexity Theory (Chaos and String Theory)

* Computational and Applied Math * Computer Tomography * Constants, The study of

* Differential Equations * Fluid Dynamics * Fractals * Fuzzy Logic * Geometry * Group Theory * Industrial Mathematics (Applied Mathematics * Linear Algebra * Logic and Foundations * Mathematical Physics * Mathematical Programming * Mathematical Psychology) * Multidimensional Analysis (in Physics) * Number Theory * Numerical Analysis * Operator Algebra * Optimization * Probability * Random Number Generation * Sequences * Singularity Theory * Systems Analysis * Topology * Valuation Theory * Visualization * Wavelets

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Q: How many kinds of math are there?
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