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Q: How many less than five is four?
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The value of five less than nine?

Five less than nine is four.

Is five ninth greater than or less than four eighth?

Four Eights Is Bigger Than Five Ninths.

Is 0.44 less than 0.5?

Yes, 0.44 is less than 0.5. Four tenths is always less than five tenths.

Is four tenths greater than or less than four hundred twenty-five thousandths?

Four tenths is less than four hundred twenty-five thousandths. 4/10 < 425/1000 0.400 < 0.425

What number is six less than the product of five and four?


What number is 6 less than the product of five and four?


Do positive numbers less than a femtillion with a number word containing an 'f' all have a four or a five?

Yes, they all do have a four or a five

Is 54.45 greater than or less than 54.54?

It is less by .09. I would rather have $54.54 (fifty four dollars and fifty four cents) than $54.45 (fifty four dollars and forty five cents). So nine cents less.

What number that is less than an hundred can be divided by five and have a remainder of four?


How many petals does a dicotyledon flower have?

A dicot flower generally has five petals. Examples of less than five and more than five are also not uncommon. For example in Mustard there are four petals and in Lotus, petals are manny.

Is four fifths equivalent to five fifths?

no four fifths is one fifth less than five fifths

What has even numbers of sides but less than five sides?

It is 4 sides. because four is an even number and it is less than 5.

How do you write the roman numeral for the number four?

IV IV it means 1 less than five, or four.

What number is four less than five hundred and two?

498 = 502 - 4

Five less than four times a number as an algebraic expression?

4x - 5

What type of noun is four?

The noun four is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a quantity of more than three and less than five.

Is 4 considered a few?

Yes because any number less than five is four

A gallon is is less than how many liters?

A US gallon is slightly less than four liters.

What three numbers are greater than 5 and less than five and thirty four hundredths?

There are infinitely many such numbers. 5.01, 5.001, 5.339989999 are three.

Is The product of a mixed number between four and five in a fraction between zero and one is less than four?

It is not necessarily the case.

What number is five less than 448394?

448389 is five less than 448394

What are the five tenths of tae kwon do?

Five tenths is slightly more than four tenths, and less than six tenths. Perhaps you are wondering about the five "tenets" of Taekwondo.

How many times less than fifty is five?


How many times less than twenty is five?


Which five planets have less than four known moons?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto.