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Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.Lights

Lights and outlets are normally wired on separate branch circuits, which means that the lights will be protected by a separate circuit breaker to the one which protects the outlets.

Asking how many lights can go on a branch circuit is like asking "How long is a piece of string?". It is impossible to give a general answer because the total number of lights that can be installed will depend on the wattage and amperage drawn by each light and on whether or not they will all be switched on together at the same times of day or night.

If you cannot work out the total amperage of the lights you want to use at any time, compared to the safe load current of the circuit breaker on your lighting circuit, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician for advice.


The number of outlets on a 15 or 20 amp circuit depends entirely on what you will plugging into those outlets. If you are plugging in an appliance that will pull 10 amps then you cannot also plug in another one taking 15 amps!

Many different combinations are possible, for example a 15 amp circuit may have 15 outlets but only 2 are being used at any one time, such as a floor lamp and a TV.

Generally speaking, most homes have 8 to 10 outlets per a 15 amp circuit. Not all outlets are used at the same time, a lamp here, a TV there, not too much. Regarding lights, you need to add up all the amps pulled by all fixtures on that circuit. The total amps pulled should not exceed 80% of the circuit breaker's maximum amperage.


There is an allowance of 1800 watts per outlet for 15 Ampere 120 volt convenience outlets ans 2400 watts per outlet for 20 Ampere outlets.

It is required that a continuous load [operating over 4 hours] be served such that the circuit is not loaded past 80% of its capacity, which would allow a continuous 16 amp load on a 20 amp circuit. If there were 2 loads planned, the combined continuous load could not exceed 16 amps between both devices.

See NEC [NFPA 70, 2005 edition - National Electrical Code (c)] Article 210, sections 210.20, 210.21 and 210.23. The NEC does not specify a maximum number of outlets per circuit.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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Q: How many lights and outlets can go on 15A or 20A breakers?
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How many outlets or lights can go on 15A or 20A breakers?

Building codes will vary. In the US, the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) is the basis for most of those. The answer will vary depending on what the structure is. For a single family home, there is no specific number of outlets per breaker. For commercial work, there is a limit of 10 outlets per 15 amp, and 13 outlets per 20 amp. The actual current draw MUST be taken into account as a practical matter. YOUR local building codes may differ from the NEC.

How many plug-in outlets can you wire to a 15A breaker?

Depends on what you plan to power with it. You can hook millions of outlets to one 15A breaker and it will work fine as long as you don't draw more than 15A off the circuit. You need to calculate your expected load and use that to determine how many circuits you need.

Can i put six 15A breakers one underneath the other in a distribution panel?


How many C9 lights can you put on one circuit?

C9 lights are 9watts each. On a unused 120v 15A circuit, you could use about 200 lights.

Can a 240V 30A outlet be converted to 240V 15A?

An existing outlet can be converted by replacing the 30A circuit breakers or fuses in the circuit breaker or fuse box with 15A breakers or fuses. The 30A outlet should also be replaced by a 15A outlet. This is all that is required if the wire from the supply to the outlet is 10, 12, or 14 guage. The existing wire should be 10 guage wire to handle the 30A and there will be no problem in the same wire providing the 15A.

How do you hook up a 15 amp breaker to a 60 amp box?

If by "60 amp box" you mean a 60-amp service panel (circuit breakers or fuses), you would generally get a 60-A panel that has several slots designed to accept a variety of compatible breakers, from 15A to 60A. If you have a "box" with no breakers, you would need another "subpanel", with wires from the 60A box to the new subpanel, and install one or more 15A breakers in the subpanel. If you don't need more than one breaker, you might also simply use a 15A disconnect panel with a single breaker in it.

In a basement how many ceiling lights can you have on a 15A breaker?

To meet the requirements of the electrical code you have to know the total wattage of the lights that you are going to connect to the 15 amp circuit.

Is there a substitute 15A single pole breaker for the old commander breakers?

I've been in the trade 35 years. what is a commander breaker?

A 120 V general-purpose house circuit should have circuit breakers or fuses with values of?

I would say 15A - 20A

How many outlets can you run on a 15 amp braker?

15A x 120V = 1800 VA NEC allows 180 VA per receptacle 1800/180 = 10 receptacles

How many amps is standard in a common household circuit breaker?

For the US, the two common values are 15 and 20 amps, with 20 being the most common in newer homes and 15 more common in older homes. Which one is used is determined by what size of wiring is run. 15A breakers feed 14 AWG wire, and 20A breakers must use 12 AWG or larger. If you simply replace a 15A breaker with a 20, you will create a fire hazard.

What are the examples of household electric appliances under the heading of 5A and 15A current rating?

5A: lights, radios, televisions, tuners/amps, 15A: convector heaters, irons, toasters, microwaves.

Where is the power outlets fuse for a 2007 Avalon?

Inside the car, near Driver's left foot fuse panel Marked as "15A power outlet"

In wiring for 220v can one use 2 15a breakers instead of a ganged 30a breaker?

Yes, you just have to be sure you are grabbing power from each of the two legs.

How many 65w lights can be placed on a 15 amp circuit?

A 15a circuit can supply approximately 1650 watts, so 1650/65=25. I would stop at 20.

Where are the fuses for the dashboard lights in a 2000 Nissan Exterra?

Tthe dashbord lights and tail lights are on the same circuit. On my 2000 Xterrra the 15a fuse is located in the fuse panel under the hood labeled 'TAIL'.

What fuses 24 and 25 controls in a 1989 325is?

24) 15A fuse lights: turn/hazard (also fuse 4) 25) NO USE!!

What fuse is it for the brake lights in a 1999 mercury mystique?

Sixth fuse slot in the upper row of the under dash fuse box. 15A (blue)

What are the two connection types of the electrical outlets?

There are two different electrical outlets for North America. The first, electrical outlet A, is used in North America and Japan. It is 2 blade NEMA 1-15 ungrounded. The second, only used in America, is 3 pinned NEMA and both are 15A/125V.

Rear brake lights including the center flasher and turn signals don't work already changed bulbs tail lights work?

Your tail lights are on a separate circuit. Check the 15A fuse under the hood in the power distribution center, next to the battery.

What are the factors of 15a 12?

15a + 12 = 3(5a + 4)

Can you use 15A outlets on a 20A circuit with 12 2 wire and a 20A breaker and how many outlets would this allow?

It depends on if you have a single outlet (receptacle) on a branch or multiple receptacles on a branch.One receptacle on a 20A branch: The receptacle must be rated 20ATwo or more receptacles on a 20A branch: The receptacles can be 15A or 20ATechnical Reference: 2011 NEC210.21(B)(1)A single receptacle installed on an individual branch circuit shall have an ampere rating not less that that of the branch circuit.210.21(B)(3) Where connected to a branch circuit supplying two or more receptacles or outlets, receptacle ratings shall conform to the values listed in Table 210.21(B)(3), or, where rated higher than 50 amperes, the receptacle rating shall not be less than the branch circuit rating.Table 210.21(B)(3)20A Circuit Rating 15A or 20A Receptacle Rating

How many plug-ins can you put on a 120V line with a 60A breaker?

Zero. 60A is far too high to power outlets directly. A fire will start far before the breaker blows. What you can do is use the 60A line to power a subpanel, and break the 60A line into 15A branch circuits to feed the outlets. As for the number of outlets you can install on that, you need to sit down and calculate your power needs. What do you plan to power with this? Where do you need outlets? What are your future needs? If you can answer these questions you know what you need. Remember the rule of thumb: your expected load should be no more than 80% of the breaker's capacity. I like the analogy of faucets on a pipe. You can put as many faucets as you want on it, but how many you can use simultaneously is another story. There is only so much water coming into the pipe for so many faucets. Same thing with outlets. You can put as many as you want on a circuit, how many you can use simultaneously safely is another story.

Can you use a 32V 15A fuse if the appliance calls for a 125V 15A fuse?


What is 15a plus 25?

It is already in its simplest form, so it is: 15a + 25