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Linear feet and acres are incompatible unit and cannot be converted

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Q: How many linear feet is in an acre?
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How many linear feet in an acre?

None. A linear foot is a measure of length while an acre is a measure of area.

How many linear feet in .53 acre squared?


How many linear feet are ia a acre?

An acre is a measure of area. 1 acre = 4046.9 m2 = 43560 [ft2]. One linear foot is a measure of length. You cannot convert a linear feet to an acre, which is equal to (208.7 ft)^2. =====================================

How many feet are in 100 acers?

feet is a linear measurement whereas acre is an area measurement perhaps you mean how many SQUARE FEET are in an acre

15 acres equals how many linear feet?

Can,t convert acres to linear feet. Acres is a measurement of Area, where liner feet is just that: liner. You could ask what is the perimeter of an acre- then you could figure what the linear feet around that acre would be.

How many feet is the circumference of 40 acres?

An acre is a measurement of area not a linear measurement.

How many Linier feet is in a square half acre?

"Acre" is a unit of area. There's no such unit as "square acre". Linear "feet" is a unit of length or distance, not area. It can't be converted to acres. 1 acre = 43,560 square feet. 1/2 acre = (43,560 / 2) = 21,780 square feet.

How many linear feet in on one side of two and one half acre square?


How many feet in a straight line to make a acre?

Acres are a measure of area, so linear feet cannot be used to form one.

One acre how many square feet?

As a unit of measure, an acre has no prescribed shape; any perimeter enclosing 43,560 square feet is an acre in size.

How many linear feet around a 14 square acre lot?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet 0.11 acre = 4,791.6 square feet

How many fence posts will there be in a 15 acre parcel if spaced in 8 foot LINEAR feet around the perimeter?