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Q: How many linear feet of cove molding are needed to trim the ceiling of a 12-foot by 16-foot family room?
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Increase Your Comfort Level By Adding Ceiling Fans with Lights to Your Home?

There are many ways to illuminate a room. It can be beneficial if you find a way that will also accomplish another goal. Ceiling fans that contain lights can do double duty in your home. Not only will you have a good way to create proper illumination, but you will also have an item that will keep your room cool. Ceiling fans are a blessing when you want to create a cooling breeze. They are also attractive items in a room, and today’s ceiling fans can include light fixtures that not only add illumination to the room, but also add style and charm to the fan itself. You can find a ceiling fan with a basic and simple design and a central light fixture. Or your fan can have globe lights with fancy shades or even a chandelier-type fixture hanging down from the center of the fan. Your fan can be white, brown, gray or black, and there are also fans available in other colors such as pink. Ceiling fans and lights are available that will repel dust, and now you can even find a fan that plays music, a very new and innovative idea. Most room fans with lighting have either four or five blades, though fans with three or six blades are also made. They can be constructed of a variety of materials, including aluminum, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze. Many fans will have a reverse feature, enabling the blades to turn in either direction. And most of the currently made ceiling fans with lighting can be controlled with a remote device. You can even find ceiling fans with lighting fixtures that have retractable blades. When the blades are concealed, the fan takes on the appearance of a ceiling light fixture and nothing more. Ceiling fans and lights will work in any room of the house. Even a porch or veranda can have its own fan with lights, as there are fans made specifically for these areas. Check out the great selection of ceiling fans with light fixtures that are available and choose one or more for your home. You will have great lighting and cooling breezes to enjoy.

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When the sun starts to set in the evening and shadows make their way into living rooms everywhere, lights are turned on to dispel the darkness. The type of lighting used in each home across the country can be nearly as varied as the sands of the sea, given the options available today. Some people prefer to have a lamp of some sort sitting on an end table near the couch or a favorite chair. That style does give a certain feel to the living room or family room. But other people make the choice to have lighting installed on the ceiling instead. The end result is that more light is shed over a greater area by using the ceiling light. There is practically no limit to the varying styles of ceiling lighting available. Flush mount lighting will allow the lighting fixture to sit flush with the ceiling. That creates a very smooth, even look which is very eye appealing. For a room with a very low ceiling, this can be an ideal choice for that situation. This style also does fine in a bathroom setting or in a kitchen setting, as well. There is always the option to choose track lighting. This type of ceiling light allows for the lighting to cover a longer length of the ceiling than a single fixture ceiling light does. This is a good choice of lighting if several people want to have direct lighting above their heads at the same time, perhaps for reading purposes. Then of course, there is always the time proven traditional ceiling light that offers elegance and style. The choices for the traditional light fixture range from a clear glass or etched glass all the way to a French country or a bronze or a brass fixture. One could literally say that the sky is the limit. Or perhaps it would be better to say that the ceiling is the limit when it comes to beautiful ceiling light.

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