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It depends on the shape. A line of symmetry in geometry is basically an imaginary dividing line in a shape that creates two other identical shapes. A square piece of paper, as an example, folded in half creates two rectangles that are identical when you unfold the paper. The images are said to be symmetricalwhich means the 'mirror image of each other'. The crease in the middle of the paper represents one line of symmetry. (If you continue folding the paper from each possible direction, you'll note that there will be four total lines of symmetry in a square, including the symmetrical triangles formed when folding from the corners.) Please refer to the Related Links below for additional examples of shapes that have lines of symmetry.

Symmetry can also be found in many other areas in addition to mathematics. The Wikipedia article in the Related Links below outlines many of them.

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Q: How many lines of symmetry are there?
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