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522 matches in a minimum of 10 rounds. *The number of rounds required for from 512 to 1023 players is 10 rounds (512 = 29)

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Q: How many matches need to be played if 523 players enter a knockout tournament?
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How many matches will be played in a knockout tournament between n teams?


How many matches will be played in a knockout tournament between 9 teams get the general formula for n teams?

8 matches .. as from 9 teams only 1 will win , rest 8 teams must lose , in knockout tournament 1 team goes out in 1 match .

When 78 players entered a single elimination tennis tournament How many matches were played to determine the overall champ?


78 players entered a single elimination tennis tournament- how many matches were played to determine the overall champion?


If 39 people enter a tennis tournament how many matches must be played?

If players can only be eliminated by loosing a match then the answer is 38. There must be 38 players eliminated for there to be a winner.

Who played the least number of matches in the 2007 tournament?


In a knockout with 39 players how many games are played?

Assuming that a knock out is a single elimination tournament, where each player/team plays until they lose, there are 38 games. Only one team will not lose.

How many players are needed for a poker tournament?

The amount of players in a poker tournament varies from tournament to tournament. For example the poker games played in Vegas accommodate two to approximately sixteen people.

How many players have played 100 test matches?


If you have 20 players in a tournament with single eliimination have many games must be played to win?

If you have 20 players in a tournament with single elimination, you will have to play 19 games...

In a tennis tournament there are 39 entries how many matches must be played before there is a champion?


In a tennis tournament each athlete plays one match against each of the other athletes There are 12 athletes scheduled to play in the tournament How many matches will be played?

i think it is 132 matches but im not sure.

There are 64 players in a checker tournament how many games will be played until there is a champion?

32Ans 2.It depends on the system chosen for the tournament. In the traditional "knockout" system, each round begins with a draw which produces 32 pairs of players. 32 games are played, and 32 winners proceed to the next round. This produces 16 winners, and so on.The champion emerges after he has won all 6 of his games and 63 games altogether have been played.

In a tennis tournament there are 39 entries. How many matches must be played before ther is a champion?


If there are 66 tennis matches and each person played every other person how many people played in the tennis tournament?


Which players have played more than 400 premiership matches?

Gary speed

Who is players played as most sleep position in the test cricket matches?

Rahul dravid

With 20 players in a single elimination tournament how many games have to be played to declare a winner?


How many matches will be played in the world cup cup?

There are 64 matches total in the tournament. There are 48 matches in group play. 4 teams in each of 8 groups play a round robin consisting of 6 matches. The result of group play produces 16 teams. It takes 2 teams to make one match. So now you have 8 matches of the first round of the knockout stage. There are no draws,so the first round will produce 8 winners. the 8 winners will produce 4 quarterfinal matches. From there you have 2 semifinal matches. There is a third and fourth place play off match. Then, 1 championship match!

When was chess first played as an international game?

The first international chess tournament was played in 1851 and won by Adolph Anderssen. Prior to that there had been games between players from different countries, but that was the first tournament.

What three players played in all three derby matches at Manchester milano and Liverpool?

Paul Ince

How many players would have participated in an open tennis tourney in which a total of 127 single matches were played?


Who are the 5 players that have played in more than 500 matches in the premier league?


Which team played the least number of matches in the 2007 ICC cricket world cup?

both india and pakistan were knocked out of the tournament in the early stages of the tournament loosing 2 out of 3 matches and they were most ridiculed around the world for their poor show that time however in the same year both played the final of the ICC world T20 format

What is the timing for a double elimination pool tournament?

There is no timing associated with a pool tournament. How long a pool game lasts depends upon the types of games being played and the skill of the players.