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No number of meters equals one minute, unless possibly minutes of longitude are meant. Normally, minutes measure time and meter measures distance, which are incommensurable (incompatible) categories.

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Q: How many meters equals one minute?
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How many seconds equals one minute?

60 seconds equals one minute.

How can you change a rate of meters per second to meters per minute?

There are 60 seconds in one minute. So however many meters the car coversin one second, it covers 60 times as many meters in a whole minute.

One kilometer equals how many meters?

1000 meters

One decimeters equals how many meters?

1 decimeter=0.1 meters

How many meters equals a mm?

1000 mm equals one meter

How many one seconds?

How many one seconds - in what? 60 seconds equals i minute, 60 minutes equals 1 hour.

20 kilometers equals how many meters?

One kilometer equals one thousand meters. To convert from kilometers to meters, multiply by 1,000. 20x1000=20000meters.

Tons per hour equals how many pounds per minute?

One ton per hour equals 33.3 pounds per minute.

How many feet will sound travel in one minute?

At the temperature of 20 degrees Celsius the sound travels 343 meters in one second or 1125.328 feet in one second. That is 20580 meters in one minute or 67523 feet in one minute.

How many meters equals one eighth mile?

1.0287 meters.

How many meters in a cubic yard?

One cubic yard equals 0.76455485798 cubic meters.

One hundred thirty centimeters equals how many meters?

Divide by 100 to get the answer, 1.3 meters.