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18 meters of Fencing. You simply need to find the circumference of the rectangle.

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Q: How many meters of fencing are needed to enclose a rectangular garden that is 5.3 meters long and 3.7 meters wide?
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How many meters of fencing are needed to enclose an 84-meter by 48-meter rectangular garden?


How much fencing is requred to enclose a circular garden whose radius is 25 meters?

50 pi meters

How much fencing is required to enclose a circular garden whose radius is 18 meters?

Fencing needed: 2*pi*18 = just over 113 meters

You are enclosing a garden with prefabricated fencing you got. You found 16 pieces of fence that are 5 meters long. What is the maximum rectangular are you can enclose with these pices of fence?

The pieces would be arranged 4 by 4, That is 20 meters by 20 meters or 400 square meters.

How much fencing is required to enclose a circular garden whose radius is 19 m use 3.14 as pi?

Fencing needed: 2pi19 = just over 119.4 meters

How many meters of fencing do you need to enclose a garden if the yard is twenty six meters long and half as wide?

78 meters fencing goes around the yard so you are looking for the perimeter Perimeter=2length+2width Perimeter=2*26+2*13=52+26=78meters

A rectangular field150m wide required 800m of fencing to enclose long is the field?

The length of the field is 250 meters. As we know the field is a rectangle, you can divide the amount of fencing in 2, which would be 400 meters. This will provide you with enough fencing for one end and one side. To determine the actual length of the side you would take your 400 meters and subtract the end length which is 150 meters, leaving you with a side length of 250 meters.

What length of a rectangular with12 meters and the width 7 meters?

the length of a rectangular garden is 12 meters and the width is 7 meters. What is the area

Helen has a rectangular garden that measures 65 meters by 20 meters How long is the diagonal length of the garden?


What amount of fencing is needed for a rectangular lot that was 352.3 m and a width of 127.2 m?

2(352.3)+2(127.2) = 959 meters of fencing is needed

The length of a rectangular garden is 4 meters more than 3 times its width the perimeter of the garden is 56m What are the dimensions of the garden?

length = 22 meters and width = 6 meters

How many meters that 10 meters of square garden of wire to enclose it?

Perimeter = 10+10+10+10 = 40 meters of wire is needed

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