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That depends on how many hours in a day you're willing to drive.

1 hour . . . . . 65 miles

6 hours . . . . . 390 miles

10 hours . . . . . 650 miles

12 hours . . . . . 780 miles

24 hours . . . . . 1,560 miles

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Q: How many miles can you drive in a day at 65mph?
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How many days will it take to drive 2700 miles?

it depends on how many miles you can drive a day

How many miles should you drive in a day?


If you drive to and from work 47 miles each day how many miles do you drive a week?

If you work five days a week, you will drive 235 miles a week.

How many miles do Americans drive per day?


How many miles do semi-trucks drive in a day?

700 miles or 11 hrs

How many miles per day will I have to drive at 70 miles an hour to go 2700 miles?


I Drive 14 miles a day times 9 months equals how many miles?

Aprox 3780 miles

How many days does it take to drive to Anchorage Alaska from Phoenix Arizona?

It is about 3667 miles. If you drive 600 miles a day it will take you about 6.1 days to drive

How many miles will the Paez family drive each day if they decide to take five days to drive 865 miles to DALLAS?


How many miles does the air force allow you to drive in one day when you are on leave?

it isn't miles it is hours that the airforce goes by. you can only drive 8

How many miles do you have to drive to get per diem?

Per diem (Latin for day) is a payment for a day - not related to time or distance. It is usually a fixed amount "per day". So if you drive 50 miles or 500 miles you'll get the same amount.

How many miles is it from Daytona to Los Angeles?

It's about 2,500 miles. It would take a day and a half to drive it.

According to the Department of Transportation about how many miles per day do Americans drive?

thirty-seven miles to be exact :) A+

How many miles will the pasez family drive each day it they decide to take 5 days to drive 865 miles to dallas?

They will drive an AVERAGE of 865/5 = 173 miles each day. But I suspect that, on day 1, they will not stop at exactly 173 miles and spend the night on the roadside if the nearest hotel/motel is 170 or 180 miles!

How many miles would you have to drive a day to get to china from Africa?

Any number you like. The fewer miles per day that you drive, the longer it will take you but the question does not set any time limit.

Phillip drove 1096 miles in two days he drove 240 miles more on the second day than he drove on the first day how many miles did he drive each day?

On day 1 he traveled 428 miles and on day two he traveled 668 miles

How much time does it take to drive 5000 miles?

That depends how fast you're driving, how many stops you make, and how many hours per day you drive. If you average 50 miles per hour, it will take 100 hours to drive 5,000 miles.

How many miles is it from Edmonton to phoenix Arizona?

1726.6 miles on Google maps 1 day 6 hour drive

How many miles does the average person drive to work each day?

as far as I know..its around 40 miles daily..

How many miles is it from Los Angeles California to Cincinnati Ohio?

drive: 2,479 miles -. about 1 day 14 hours. WOW

How many miles can you go in a day if you're going seventy miles per hour?

How many hours a day do you want to drive? 8? 24? Choose the number of hours, then multiply that by the speed.

How many miles can you drive in a day at 20 mph?

assuming there is no stopping and endless fuel supply...24 hours in a day times 20 miles per each hour equal 480 miles in one day

How many miles would you drive per day when you have 782 miles to drive in three days?

About 260 miles per day. Some will prefer to depart very early on day one and reach a pleasant halfway point at least 500 miles from home where they can enjoy playing like tourists for part of the day before completing the journey.

How many days would it take to drive 1891.96 miles?

It depends on how many hours you drive each day and your speed. If you averaged 50 MPH (miles per hour) and drove 14 hours each day, it would take you 2 days.

How many days would it take you to drive 1500 miles?

3 days if you drive an average of 60 mph for 8 hours a day.

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